Kinder Morgan Terminal

8500 West 68th Street, Bedford Park, IL 60501

Conveniently located near the Chicago downtown core, Targray’s Argo Summit biodiesel tank supplies various grades of Biodiesel using Kinder Morgan’s fully-automated 24/7 truck rack. Accessible by rail and capable of supplying biodiesel throughout the winter months, the terminal is one of the world’s largest throughput fuel ethanol facilities. It offers rail-to-storage, land-to-ship and ship-to-storage services for fuel distribution. The facility’s wide range of products and services enable Targray to provide its customers with complete biodiesel management solutions. For more information about our biodiesel supplier in Chicago, please contact us.

Tel: +1(514) 695-8095    Fax: (514) 695-0593

Supported by a fleet of rail cars and a centrally-located biodiesel tank, Targray is one of the fastest-growing biofuel companies in the Chicago Metropolitan Area. The Biofuels Division is a registered member of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the California Air Resources Board (CARB), The Chicago Area Clean Cities Coalition (CACC), The International Sustainability & Carbon Certification organization (ISCC) & the National Biodiesel Board (NBB), which has certified it as a BQ-9000 Biodiesel Marketer.