National Biodiesel Board (NBB)

Full Voting Member

Representing “America’s first Advanced Biofuel”, the National Biodiesel Board is committed to its mission of creating sustainable growth in the biodiesel industry. Acting as a single voice on behalf of its members, the NBB serves as the US biodiesel industry’s central coordinating entity. The organization works towards achieving its goals through governmental affairs, communications, market development, and technical & quality assurance programs. Targray has been a full voting member of the National Biodiesel Board since 2013.

California Biodiesel Alliance (CBA)

Sustaining Member

The California Biodiesel Alliance (CBA) is a not-for-profit biodiesel industry trade association focused on the California Biodiesel Market. It represents a range of stakeholders including all of the state’s major biodiesel producers. CBA strives to increase awareness about biodiesel as California’s leading and most widely available advanced biofuel. The CBA works both instate and at the national level to address regulatory, policy, and legislative issues to enable a growing market for biodiesel in California. Targray Biofuels has been a sustaining member of the organization since 2014.

Advanced Biofuels Association (ABFA)

Member Organization

The ABFA supports and advocates for public policies that are technology neutral, utilizes sustainable feedstocks, and offers subsidy parity to ensure all viable advanced biofuels can compete with the benefit of a level playing field. The organization engages  government bodies at all levels to secure support for the advanced biofuels industry, which in turn allows member companies to commercialize their technologies and bring products to market that are highly competitive & compatible with petroleum based fuels and byproducts.

Oil Price Information Service (OPIS)

Event Sponsor

Oil Price Information Service (OPIS) is one of the world’s most comprehensive source for petroleum pricing and news information with offices in the U.S., Europe and Singapore. As the most widely accepted U.S. fuel price benchmark for supply contracts and competitive positioning, OPIS organizes events & conferences throughout the year that bring together Oil & Gas industry decision-makers to discuss the latest market developments. Targray is a sponsor of two annual OPIS events, the OPIS RFS2, RINs and Biodiesel Forum and the LCFS and Carbon Markets Workshop.

Chicago Area Clean Cities Coalition

Sustaining Member

Chicago Area Clean Cities is a nonprofit coalition of stakeholders from government, private business, academia, scientific research, and energy and environmental services working together to promote the use of clean fuels and clean fuel vehicles throughout the Chicago metropolitan area. Targray Biofuels has been a sustaining member of the coalition since 2016.


Tampa Bay Clean Cities Coalition (TBCCC)


Created and managed by the University of South Florida’s Patel College of Global Sustainability, The Tampa Bay Clean Cities Coalition strives to advance the environmental and economic security of the United States through its efforts to reduce petroleum use in transportation in six Tampa Bay area counties. As one of the leading suppliers of biodiesel in Florida, Targray collaborates with TBCCC to promote the use of alternative fuels for transportation in the Tampa area.


Illinois Soybean Association B20 Club

Associate Member

The B20 Club is a checkoff-funded program developed by the Illinois Soybean Association in partnership with the American Lung Association (ALA) that recognizes Illinois-based fleets running on biodiesel blends of 20 percent or greater. An associate member of the club since 2016, Targray works with Chicago-area club members to ensure that their B20 biodiesel needs are being met throughout the year.

Renewable Industries Canada

Sustaining Member

Renewable Industries Canada, founded in 1984 as the Canadian Renewable Fuels Association, has grown to represent the leaders of Canada’s bioeconomy – producers of renewable fuels and value added products that reduce GHG emissions and provide economic opportunity to the benefit of all Canadians. As a member since 2014, Targray Biofuels works with the organization and its partners to provide the public with renewable, clean-burning biofuels that help fight climate change and combat pollution and smog.

Advanced Biofuels Canada

Sustaining Member

Advanced Biofuels Canada (ABFC) is a western Canada based association established to promote the production and use of advanced biofuels across Canada. As a proud ABFC member, Targray Biofuels is committed to working with other industry stakeholders to expand market access for sustainable low-carbon biofuels in Ontario, Quebec, BC, the Prairies and Atlantic Canada.

Argus Media

Event Sponsor

Argus Media Ltd (formerly known as Petroleum Argus Ltd) is an independent media organization headquartered in London, England, with offices in each of the world’s principal energy centers. Its main activities comprise publishing market reports containing price assessments, market commentary and news, and business intelligence reports that analyze market and industry trends. A considerable proportion of Argus Media  staff are commodity journalists who specialize in reporting news and price information relating to physical energy and related commodity markets. Targray is an official sponsor of Argus Media’s California Carbon & LCFS Summit.

The Jacobsen

Event Sponsor

Founded in 1865, the Jacobsen today is used as a benchmark for a number of commodity markets including petroleum, animals fats, Biodiesel, vegetable oil & grain. The company collects information on offers, bids, and trades daily, seeking to define the overall tone of the markets where complementary commodities are trading. Targray has been the lead sponsor of The Jacobsen’s biodiesel & feedstock conference since 2014.

Supported by a fleet of rail cars and  biodiesel tank assets across the country, Targray is one of the largest and fastest-growing biodiesel suppliers in the United States. The Biofuels company is a registered member of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the California Air Resources Board (CARB), The Chicago Area Clean Cities Coalition (CACC), The International Sustainability & Carbon Certification organization (ISCC) & the National Biodiesel Board (NBB), which has certified it as a BQ-9000 Biodiesel Marketer.