Anode Foils for Lithium-ion Battery Manufacturing

Targray’s extensive anode foil portfolio includes a variety of metallic foils used in Lithium-ion batteries as current collectors. These include copper foils, nickel foils and rolled copper alloy foils – materials frequently used in the lithium-ion battery manufacturing process.

Typically, Copper Foil is used as the negative electrode for the anode current collector and Aluminum Foil is used as the positive electrode for the cathode current collector. During the battery manufacturing process, anode and cathode slurries are coated on to the respective foil types. See the tables below for additional information about our anode foils.

Copper Foils for Battery Manufacturing

Targray Copper FoilsOur line of high-performance copper foil materials has been developed to meet the specific needs of the lithium-ion battery manufacturing industry. Used primarily in commercial-scale production, Targray copper foils are designed in a world-class manufacturing facility and can be supplied in quantities of up to 1000T per month. Please contact us for more information about our catalogue.

Rolled Copper Alloy Anode Foil

Targray supplies Rolled Copper Anode foil for lithium-ion battery anodes. We can provide specialty copper alloys to serve a wide variety of customers who serve an increasingly wide range of applications such as printed circuits, electromagnetic shielding and rechargeable batteries.

Key Features & Benefits of rolled foil are:

  • High conductivity to minimize cell impedance
  • Excellent for high power applications: Drive-Train and power tools
  • Heat resistance: offering high heat tensile and ductile strength
  • Consistently smooth surface; no large protrusions
  • Clean; free of oxide and oils
  • Surface treatment for adhesion enhancements

Electrodeposited (ED) Copper Anode Foil

An ED foil is used in high-energy, low-power applications such as Li-ion batteries for cell phones, laptops and consumer electronics. Targray’s supplier is the quality leader in the industry, with R&D capabilities for new product innovations and with the ability to customize the foil characteristics as requested by our battery manufacturing customers. We offer very cost-effective battery foil materials with a service level that is leveraged by our global distribution presence.

Features of our ED Copper Foil:

  • High adherence to active material
  • Excellent tensile strength
  • High elongation
  • Range of micron thickness available

Electrodeposited (ED) Nickel Anode Foil

Nickel foil has been used for years in many applications such as printed circuit boards. It actually has many features which make it suitable for use in Lithium Ion Batteries and Super Capacitors. Nickel foil is electro conductive, it’s anti-corrosive properties are higher than copper and stainless steel foil. It can be produced wider and thinner than the more commonly used rolled Copper foil. Nickel foil is also magnetic. It can be used as electromagnetic interference material; for example shielding tape for various electronic devices and as conductive tape.

Features of our ED Nickel Foil:

  • Excellent acid and heat resistance, and etching ability
  • Keeps high tensile strength even after annealed
  • Higher purity (99.95%) than rolled nickel foil
  • Range of micron thickness available including ultra-thin (4 to 50 microns)

For information on the physical & mechanical properties of our Anode Foils, or to learn about our custom foil design solutions for battery technology developers, please contact the Battery Division.

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