Targray offers a full line of aluminum laminated film pouch materials for all your lithium ion battery packaging applications, and a wide range of tabs for li-ion pouch cells. For long lifetime (calendar life and cycling) and error-free operation of lithium-ion battery cells, our aluminum laminated film pouches deliver many advantages:

  • Flexible pouch material allows for better system level battery design
  • Good vapor barrier
  • Excellent pouch sealing
  • Good anti-electrolyte resistance
  • Available in a roll format or pre-formed pouch
  • Full line of pre-formed pouch sizes available
  • Provides excellent deep forming capability
  • Customized sizes available based on specific customer requirements

Aluminum Laminated Film – Product Specifications

Our broad selection of dry laminated aluminium and preformed pouches can support any lithium-ion battery packaging application you are developing or manufacturing, from small cell manufacturing (mobile phone) to large vehicle cells. Including but not limited to: Mobile Phones/Smart Phones, Tablets, Laptops, E-Bicycles/E-Scooters, Power tools, EV, and Storage applications.

Pouches can be ordered in thicknesses 71 to 156 μm and in forming depths from 4.5mm to 8.0 mm. Multi layer pouches support a nylon layer, an AL foil layer, and a Cast Poly Propylene (CPP) layer. In addition, Targray can provide an integrated design of laminate pouches and tabs from a single source.

Li-ion Battery Tabs for Pouch Cells

Targray also supplies a full range of battery tabs for pouch cells, offering full integration with your pouch design. The tabs include a multi-layered polypropylene sealing film that offers several key benefits:

  • Exceptional Sealing Reliability in Electrolytic Solution
    • Test Condition: Dipped in Electrolyte (+water 100ppm) at 85°C
    • Result after 1000 hours: No defects (the film and conductor keep contact)
  • Nano-thickness Surface Treatment
    • Extremely thin surface treatment layer provides an advantage in welding reliability
    • We honor our commitments to end-customers and our stake-holders
  • High Corrosion Resistance
    • Test Condition: Salt spray at 35°C
    • Result after 1000 hours: No defects (film and conductor remain in contact and the surface of the conductor is protected from corrosion)

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