Targray Polypropylene Film Rolls for Lithium-ion Batteries

Targray polypropylene film rolls deliver excellent oxygen & moisture durability and class-leading electromechanical performance, which makes them a popular option for lithium-ion battery manufacturing. Trusted by battery technology developers around the world, our multilayer PP films are created using a state-of-the-art metallization process to ensure exceptional oxygen and moisture durability.

Polypropylene Film Material Specifications

Targray multi-layer polypropylene films are produced by extruding acid-modified polypropylene (PPa) on both sides of a polyethylene naphthalate (PEN) film. Performance-related data for our polypropylene film rolls is outline in the table below. For additional information, please communicate with us.

  Unit Direction Reference Value
Tensile Strength MPa MD 45
TD 44
Tensile Stretch Rates % MD 86
TD 78
  Unit Material Reference Value
Melting Point Celsius PPa 140
PEN 269
Density MD PPa 0.90
TD PEN 1.36
Standard Value
Dimensions Total Thickness

Roll Width

Roll Length

100μm ± 10%

OOmm ± 0.2mm

OOm +5m, -Om

Heat Seal Strength Room Temperature ALM/PPa

15N/15mm or more

Laminate film/PPa

20N/15mm or more

Laminate Strength Room Temperature PEN/PPa

5.0N/15mm or more

Core Tube Dimensions Inner Diameter Thickness 3inch(76.5mm) resin tube


Splicing Number of splices Up to 2 times per roll
Marking Number of markings Up to 5 times per roll

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