Markets & Solutions

Working with manufacturers worldwide, we foster growth & innovation in new markets.

Photovoltaics Materials

Since 2005, Targray Solar has been an important contributor to the advancement of the international solar photovoltaics industry. Our solar cell and Photovoltaics materials, which include solar silicon wafers & ingots, polysilicon, metallic pastes, PV junction boxes and encapsulants, have been used to manufacture an array of solar PV technologies over the course of the last decade.

Today, Targray Solar is one of the world’s largest polycrystalline silicon suppliers. It supports a number of solar trade associations around the world, including the US-based Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA).

Targray Solar

Biodiesel Marketing

Supported by a dedicated rail fleet and 10 fuel terminal locations, Targray Biofuels is one of the largest & fastest-growing suppliers of biodiesel in America. Working with customers ranging from local trucks stops & c-stores, to national gas retailers, distributors & fleet operators, the company creates innovative biodiesel solutions to help customers achieve greater profits by intelligently addressing carbon compliance requirements.

Targray Biofuels is a BQ-9000 certified Marketer and a sitting member of the National Biodiesel Board. It supplies biodiesel throughout the US from supply points in California, Florida, Louisiana, Kentucky, and Illinois.

Targray Biofuels

Battery Manufacturing Materials

Established in 2010, Targray Battery supplies raw materials, chemicals, lab equipment and commercial-scale manufacturing solutions to battery technology developers around the world. Used in over 200 research papers since 2010, our anode & cathode materials, separators, current collectors, electrodes, electrolyte and raw lithium solutions are a trusted source for some of the energy storage industry’s most active organizations.

The Targray Battery Division is proud to be a sustaining member of the Electrochemical Society and a regular exhibitor at the Battery Show, held once per year in the United States.

Targray Battery

Optical Disc Materials

In operation since 1989, Targray’s Optical Media division is one of the world’s largest single-source suppliers of optical disc manufacturing materials. The company’s extensive mastering and replication materials portfolio includes mastering glass, blu ray wafers, evaporation boats, s-pellets, sputtering targets, gripper fingers & nesting pads.

The Optical Media Division is focused on providing value-added products and services to more than 500 international optical media replicators worldwide, ranging from small specialized producers to the industry’s most prominent manufacturers.

Targray Optical Media