Optical Media Materials

Targray is the world’s largest single source supplier of optical media materials to the optical disc industry. Our experience and expertise dates back to the inception of the compact disc. Since then, we have continuously grown our product offerings and optical media expertise. Today, we provide value-added products and services to more than 500 optical media replicators worldwide, including the biggest names in the business. No matter the size of your organization or location, we will take care of all your material supply needs so you can get on with your business.


Mastering materials including mastering glass, blu ray wafers, evaporation boats and nickel s-pellets.


Replication materials including polycarbonate, bonding, lacquer, sputtering targets, gripper fingers, and filters.

Assorted Materials

Our optical media catalog also includes suction cups, nesting pads and other assorted materials used in optical disc making.


Established in 1989, Optical Media was Targray’s first business division. In the 1990s, the optical media division rose to global prominence as it became the optical disc industry’s premium manufacturing material supplier. Learn about the role of the optical media division in Targray’s nearly 30-year history.

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Over the course of nearly three decades, we have worked in partnership with hundreds of optical media manufacturers, so we fully understand your processes, needs, and business challenges. The result is our all-inclusive product portfolio that is designed to help you sustain a significant competitive edge through lower transaction, freight & inventory costs, and through increase yields and disc quality.

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