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Targray understands the importance of selecting high quality solar cell materials, and through innovation and extensive R&D with our partners, we only bring the best materials to your PV cell manufacturing process. From back contact aluminium paste to front contact silver paste and everything in between, Targray supplies the PV materials you need to make the highest efficiency cells, at the lowest possible cost per watt.

We offer high quality pastes and wafers for all your crystalline cell production needs. We have proven success in bringing the most advanced solar materials to our customers with over 40% worldwide market share in front side Heraeus silver paste. When achieving the highest efficiency is critical, materials truly matter.

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The solar cell manufacturing process is highly technical and has the greatest impact on efficiency and performance of all the solar photovoltaic manufacturing processes. Your cell manufacturing process is what differentiates you from your competitors and selecting the best crystalline cell materials to maximize your efficiency potential is one of the most critical decisions that you will make.

Partner with us for your next-generation solar cells. We have active projects for developing advanced materials for all future PV technologies such as selective emitter, bi-facial solar cells, n-type, and double printing. Contact us today to find out how Targray can help you with all of your crystalline cell materials now and in the future.

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silver paste for solar cell manufacturing
Silver Paste for Cells

Learn more about Targray’s efficiency improving Silver Paste for c-Si solar cells.

aluminum paste used in solar cell production
Aluminium Paste

Our Aluminium Paste for c-Si solar cells produces an improved back surface field with low bowing.


solar wafer
Solar Silicon Wafers

Consult our Monocrystalline and Multicrystalline silicon wafers for solar cell manufacturing.


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