Silver Paste for Crystalline Solar Cells

Silver paste conductors optimized for use in solar cell manufacturing

Ag Paste for Photovoltaics Manufacturing

Targray silver paste was developed to provide better yields and higher outputs for solar cell manufacturers. The paste compositions are a series of screen printable front and back side silver conductors for crystalline solar cells. Our compositions are all cadmium-free and tailored solutions for either SiNx or TiOx anti-reflective coatings. Lead-free formulations are also available. All Silver Pastes are co-fireable with commercial back side Ag/Al Pastes.

Targray front side Ag Pastes are ideal for lightly-doped emitter designs and optimized for high throughput processing to deliver excellent aspect ratios and fine line resolution. For back side Silver Paste applications, our new lead-free Ag Paste significantly lowers material consumption due to high coverage and excellent initial and soldered age adhesion. These Silver Metallization Pastes are customizable to your process, thus increasing efficiency and fill factor while providing wider processing windows. Contact us to speak an expert solar photovoltaic materials engineers and get help identifying the best silver paste for your solar cell application.

Customized Silver Paste Solutions

Targray takes advantage of the latest technologies to provide products that incorporate your unique solar wafer design and processes. Our technical product managers work closely with research and development engineers to create customized Ag Pastes that will help meet the specific goals of solar cell manufacturers and researchers.

  • Captures higher efficiency and wider processing window.
  • Achieves a higher aspect ratio.
  • Provides excellent fine line resolution.
  • Offers low contact resistance on lightly doped emitter.
  • Cd free product comes standard. Pb free also available.
  • Applicable to a wide range of sheet emitter wafers.
  • Provides increased adhesion.
  • Co-firable with back Aluminum and front Silver pastes.
  • Offers greater peak adhesion strength.
  • Increased paste coverage with superior results provides a high quality, cost effective solution.

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