PV Backsheet Material Solution for Photovoltaic Manufacturing

The PV Backsheet material you choose for your solar panel will have a considerable impact on how it withstands the elements and performs over the course of its lifetime. A reliable PV backsheet material should be able to provide protection from moisture, physical damage and UV rays, while also minimizing the occurrence of electrical discharge and thermal degradation.

Developed in conjunction with one of the solar industry’s leading PV Backsheet manufacturers, Targray PV backsheet material is ideally suited to the needs of today’s solar manufacturers and product developers. Our backsheets have been shown to extend the lifetime of solar modules by providing robust protection and insulation.

Targray PV Backsheet Material

Compatible with a wide range of module technologies, Targray’s cutting-edge backsheet material can help photovoltaic manufacturers maximize their cell quality & reliability, while significantly lower their manufacturing cost-per-watt. For additional product information and detailed product specifications, please contact us.

Targray PV Backsheet

Features to Look For in a Solar Backsheet

The primary function of the PV backsheet material is to offer protection to the solar module’s various components throughout its lifetime. This in turn ensures loss-free energy generation for the solar panel. The solar backsheet should be able to resist active environmental elements such as moisture, temperature changes, chemical substances and physical damages for years on end. The active electrical elements found within the modules must also be insulated to ensure the safety of surroundings. The PV backsheet material is layered atop an encapsulant on the solar cell:

PV Backsheet Materials for solar manufacturers

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