Biodiesel Sales & Procurement Solutions

Targray is a leading North American Biofuels supplier with biodiesel sales and services in over a dozen American cities. Working closely with the biodiesel manufacturers, we are a trusted NBB-accredited BQ-9000 supplier to diesel retailers, convenience store operators, truck stops, jobbers, fleet operators and wholesale buyers throughout the United States.

We source from across the country in order to find the highest-value biodiesel products. We maintain flexibility in our purchasing, leveraging our understand of complex market structures to react quickly to market opportunities to source fuels at minimum cost. Benefiting from nearly 30 years of expertise in logistics and procurement, our Biofuels business is committed to delivering reliable, consistent and competitively-priced biodiesel solutions to its customers anywhere in North America.

Bringing Ingenuity to the Biodiesel Supply Chain

Targray has created a unique supply chain that enables us to source biodiesel products from the lowest-cost producers and move that fuel in the most efficient way to our customers’ localities. We operate a company-owned rail fleet consisting primarily of the industry’s largest and newest 29,000 gallon insulated and coiled rail cars. These cars allow us to load more biodiesel than our competitors, meaning lower freight costs per gallon and greater profits for our customers.
As an experienced global distribution firm, Targray has all the required capabilities surrounding hedging, compliance, tax and risk management to be your ideal biofuels supplier. We are licensed in numerous US States & Canadian Provinces, and fully registered with the EPA (US Environmental Protection Agency), the NBB (National Biodiesel Board) and the CARB (California Air Resources Board).

About Our Biodiesel Marketing Activities

As a BQ-9000 Certified Biodiesel Marketer, we are fully committed to ensuring that our biofuels meet the highest industry standards for biofuel quality. We maintain Biofuel Marketing agreements with a number of Biodiesel producers throughout the Americas. Our biodiesel sales network is in a continual state of expansion to meet the growing demand for our products. For customers that require biodiesel delivery by truck, we maintain transload agreements with a number of transload sites across the United States. This enables us to deliver by rail and transload to truck, and in turn provide much lower biodiesel pricing options to our customers.

Targray Biodiesel Fuels

We can provide biofuels that meet specific customer-driven specifications. This includes biodiesel that meets California Low Carbon Fuel Standard requirements. Alternatively, we can supply biodiesel based on the feedstock requirements* of our customers. We also provide low-CI, low-cetane biodiesel for compliance or tax credit purposes. Our biofuels include:
  • Biodiesel (B100, B99)
  • Various cloud point materials depending on geography and season.
    • Cloud of -3 to +2 C (Virgin Oils)
    • Cloud of 0-2 C (Virgin Soy / Canola / Corn based + Used Vegetable oil)
    • Cloud of 2-4 C (UVO / UCO)
    • Cloud of 4-7 C (UVO / UCO)
    • Cloud of 7+ C (Tallow + UVO)

*Feedstock streams influence cold weather properties and therefore the quality of fuel.

Working closely with our producer partners and organizations including NACS and SIGMA, we are committed to delivering turnkey biodiesel solutions to enable fuel retailers, truck stops, c-stores, diesel distributors and fleet operators to enhance their profitability and growth while helping create a more sustainable economy for future generations.

Low Carbon Fuel Standard

Learn how our LCFS-compliant fuels can help your California based business thrive.

renewable diesel
Renewable Diesel

We supply Renewable Diesel produced from vegetable oils & waste animal fats.


biodiesel exports
Biodiesel Exports

We supply ocean vessels of Biodiesel to export markets around the world.

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