Targray Wholesale Biodiesel Solutions

Our wholesale biodiesel solutions encompass a range of products & services for fuel retailers, wholesalers & traders seeking to uncover valuable opportunities in the biofuels marketplace. Targray-brand B99 biodiesel fuel blends are sourced from feedstock including tallow, soybean oil & canola/rapeseed oil, WVO (waste vegetable oil), UVO (used vegetable oil), and palm oil.

Our Products & Services for the Biodiesel Market

  • An unparalleled global sourcing network for various biodiesel products & services.
  • Biodiesel sales across the US, with guaranteed long-term pricing options for buyers.
  • In-depth knowledge of CP, CFPP and PP by geographical locations and climatic conditions.
  • Biodiesel storage tanks in California, Florida, Illinois, Ohio, Louisiana, and Kentucky.
  • Biodiesel trading: Real-time pricing and availability information for customers.
  • A supply chain able to respond to your most urgent fuel requirements.
  • Direct access to BQ-9000 producers throughout North America.
  • Terminal tank leasing arrangements with terminal operators.

Targray is BQ-9000 Biodiesel Marketer that supplies B99 biodiesel by rail, vessel and tanker truck across the United States & Canada. The Biofuels Division also distributes biodiesel from its 10 terminal locations in California, Florida, Illinois, Ohio and Louisiana, respectively. To learn how Targray can help your business thrive in the rapidly-growing biofuels market, please contact us.

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