Oregon Biodiesel Suppliers

Our Oregon biodiesel suppliers operate a growing network of terminals to support the renewable fuel requirements of fuel retailers, diesel distributors, jobbers and refineries all throughout the state.

Located in Portland and in Eugene respectively, our biodiesel terminals are strategically positioned to ease supply concerns for participants in the Oregon Clean Fuels Program (CFP), which mandates a 5% biodiesel blending requirement to reduce the carbon intensity of transportation fuels in the state.

Oregon Biofuels Terminals

Portland Biodiesel Supplier

9420 NW St Helens Rd #100, Portland, OR 97231, USA

Eugene Biodiesel Supplier

100 Premier St, Eugene, OR 97402, USA

Oregon Partner Organizations

Oregon Fuels Association (OFA)

The OFA represents the interests of Oregon’s locally-owned fuel stations, fuel distributors and heating oil providers. Its members are at the forefront of environmental stewardship within the industry as the leading suppliers of biodiesel and other low carbon fuels. The association is a leading advocate for sensible regulations that balance affordable fuels and environmental stewardship.

Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ)

The Oregon DEQ is a state-run organization focused on restoring, maintaining and enhancing the quality of Oregon’s air, land and water through various regulations and initiatives including the Clean Fuels Program (CFP), which aims to reduce the carbon intensity of Oregon’s transportation fuels by establishing annual standards that decrease over time.