Integrated Biodiesel Solutions for the International Marketplace

Targray is a reputed international biodiesel supplier. We supply ocean vessels of Biodiesel to markets around the world. Cargoes of 5000 MT to 30 000 MT are available to be delivered worldwide. As global markets change rapidly with changes in yearly harvest by region, exchange rates, ULSD/Gasoil values, regulatory changes, and tariff barriers/free trade agreements; Targray is here to help international customers procure the Biodiesel they need, on time and at the best possible price.

Biodiesel Supply Capabilities

Our international reach allows us to source from all major Biodiesel producing regions worldwide, ensuring global procurement efficiencies for our customers. Targray is also registered with the ISCC and the EPA, allowing us access to the European and the US biodiesel markets, two of the largest biofuel markets worldwide. We are able to supply biodiesel according to EN specification or ASTM specs, in order to meet the specific requirements of our customers.

Working closely with our fuel supply partners and organizations including NACS and SIGMA, we’re focused on creating turnkey biodiesel solutions that enable fuel retailers, truck stops, c-stores, diesel distributors and fleet operators to enhance their profitability and growth while helping create a more sustainable economy for future generations.

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