Employee Benefits & Services

Targray is committed to providing all its employees with a state-of-the-art work environment and exceptional career benefits. The benefits we offer include a fitness center, profit-sharing program, full medical & dental insurance, and a retirement-planning service (RRSP).  For more information, please consult the table below.

Targray Headquarters BuildingCompleted in 2008, Targray’s global headquarters are located in the city of Kirkland, alongside Canada’s most important transport corridor. Our head office provides several leading-edge workplace features and services, listed below. For a complete tour, visit the global headquarters page.


  • 100-seat auditorium for with HD video display for town halls, seminars & special presentations.
  • Multiple conference rooms with videoconferencing, multimedia systems & touch screen controls.
  • Modern, ergonomic workplace. Professionally designed & decorated.
  • Original artwork from Canadian artists featured throughout headquarters.
  • Large offices with abundance of greenery and natural light. Spacious patio & garden area.
  • Multiple kitchens and dining areas with amenities. Solarium-style lounge and dining room.
  • Employer-subsidized lunches 5 times per week, prepared and served by Bleu Lotus Cafeteria service.
  • Coffee / Cappucino brewers and sodastream machines on each floor, free for employees & guests.
  • 2,000 Sq.Ft. fully-equipped fitness facilities located on site. Free for all Targray employees.
  • Weekly delivery of fresh fruits for employees.

Our head office features a 2,000 square foot on-site fitness facility reserved for the exclusive use of employees. Our gym facility includes the following equipment and features:

  • Training equipment: Treadmills, elliptical, Stationary bike, rowing machine.
  • Fitness low-impact exercise floor.
  • Skipping Ropes, dumbbells, exercise balls & ropes etc.
  • Comprehensive weight lifting equipment.
  • 46 in. High Definition television.
  • His and hers changing rooms equipped with showers, lockers, and bathroom facilities.


Profit Sharing Program

Targray offers employees a graduated profit sharing program that enables them to benefit directly from the company’s growth & success.

Compensation & Performance Bonuses

We go above and beyond to ensure our employee compensation remains highly competitive with the external marketplace. Special performance-based awards are also provided. We also provide bonuses for the successful referral of new employees.

Medical & Dental Insurance

We provide a competitive & comprehensive medical and dental benefits package to each of our employees.

Retirement Planning (RRSP)

The Targray RRSP contribution program is provided to help employees build a successful retirement plan.