Industries We Serve 


We market a broad range of sustainable products and solutions for agriculture markets throughout the United States and Europe.

Automotive Electronics

Targray li-ion battery materials are the preferred source for companies focused on creating the next generation of EV batteries and battery packs.

Chemical Manufacturing

Targray high-performance materials are trusted by manufacturers of specialty chemicals for battery energy storage applications.

Energy Storage

Our Solar & Battery Divisions help companies create and commercialize energy storage technologies to meet the world’s growing energy needs.

Fuel Retailing

We create biodiesel solutions that enable c-store, truck stop, and travel center operators to enhance profits while helping create a sustainable future.

Mining and Metals

Targray helps the mining sector address challenges ranging from safety & air quality to the commercialization of raw materials.

Oil and Gas

Our biofuels solutions help petroleum refiners, marketers, and distributors become more competitive and profitable through sustainable initiatives.

Optical Disc

Established in 1987, our Optical Media Division markets advanced materials used to manufacture a variety of optical disc products.


Our Solar Business is one of the world’s leading suppliers of photovoltaic materials, ranging for virgin polysilicon to high-performance solar cells.


Our biofuels blending solutions help fleet managers to create new efficiencies, meet emissions targets and enhance their competitiveness.