EV Battery Materials

High-Performance Materials for Electric Vehicle Battery Manufacturing

Electronic Materials for EV Battery Manufacturing

Selecting the right EV Battery materials is critical to balancing the need to design next-generation of automotive batteries without compromising performance, safety or cost. With more than 20 li-ion material product lines and a global network of commercial development & manufacturing experts, Targray is positioned to help the automotive industry build efficient batteries that elevate the EV driving experience.


Our high-performance EV battery materials are the benchmark for motors and generators, boosting kW-per-hour and power capabilities.


Our materials deliver the electrical, thermal, and mechanical properties needed to withstand extreme temperatures and other demanding environments.

Cost Efficiency

Supported by material allocation agreements with the leading li-ion battery material manufacturers, we provide the global logistics capabilities needed to create new efficiencies in the EV Battery supply chain.

Solutions Across the EV Battery Value Chain

As one of the leading suppliers of functional materials for high-performance batteries in North America and Europe, Targray is committed to working with automobile OEMs and cell manufacturers on the development of cost-efficient supply chain solutions for the EV Battery value chain.

Battery Component Manufacturing

Targray provides an array of  lithium-ion cell components including anode & cathode active materials, electrolyte, binders, current collectors, and performance-enhancing coating solutions. We also supply high-purity lithium salt for component manufacturers.

Li-ion Cell Manufacturing

We offerpackaging and assembly equipment solutions for both cylinder and pouch-based Li-ion cells, as well as a high-performance pouch cell for battery pack makers.

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Through diverse but focused businesses, Targray is committed to delivering innovative products and solutions to markets around the world. Supported by an extensive network of institutional partners that includes Argonne National Lab, NAATBatt, and the Electrochemical Society, our global team of professionals has the knowledge to assist customers in the planning, design, assessment, and execution of their projects.