Aluminum Cathode Foils (Al Foil) for Batteries

Targray offers a range of Aluminum (Al) cathode foils for various uses in the development Lithium-ion batteries. Our advanced rolling and alloy technologies allow us to develop uniformly thick, high-strength aluminum foil optimized for lithium-ion batteries.

About Our Aluminum Foil Product Line

Targray offers all of these metallic foils for use in the final slurry application. The Aluminum foils have excellent performance in lithium-ion cell manufacturing. Targray offers a range of Aluminum foils depending on the application of the Li-ion battery. A rolled foil (RA-type), made from wrought Al is generally used for high-energy, high-power applications. Al foil is extensively used in consumer electronics and electric power tools. It is also widely used in Hybrid and Electric vehicle (EV) battery applications. aluminum cathode foils chart
ItemUnitStandardTest method
Chemical compositionN/AGB/T3190-2008Atomic Emission Spectrometer
Thicknessmm0.01~0.02±3%100cm2 cut Weighed on scale
Widthmm≤1200Tolerance:±1.0Steel ruler
coreN/AInner diameter76.2 or 152.4mmVernier caliper
materialAluminum or IronN/A
Tensile forceDyne/cm≥30Dyne pen/ liquid
Pin holepiece/m20.01mm≤30Visual inspection
Head connectPieceRoll diameter <500mm0Visual inspection
Roll diameter ≥ 500mm1
AppearanceN/AFlat, neat, corrosion-free & oil-free. Absence of non-metals, perforations, scuffing, broken edges, seams, ripples & bumps.Visual inspection
shapeA levelShape machine
Al chip≤25 piece/m2Measuring tape
burrLess than 0.5mmMeasuring tape
ThicknessTensile strengthElongation    Force test machine GB/T 228
1235DH18≥200 Mpa≥2.0%
Storage conditionSealed store in temperature 5~40℃,humidity≤95%,avoid rain, damping, shock.
Shelf life6 months from time of delivery.
Working closely with our supply partners and organizations including the Electrochemical Society and NAATBatt International, we help lithium-ion battery manufacturers and researchers worldwide commercialize ambitious new technologies for the energy storage market. Contact us today to learn more.

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