LNMO Cathode for Lithium-ion Battery Manufacturers

Our LNMO battery material is a high-performance cathode powder for next-generation lithium-ion cell manufacturers and energy storage technology developers. Cost-effective, cobalt-free and low in nickel content, LNMO cathode material offers exceptional energy density and a high voltage plateau due to its three-dimensional spinel structure and electrochemistry.

To view a summary of our LNMO cathode powder’s performance characteristics, consult the table below. For an in-depth review of product specifications, or to inquire about purchasing LNMO battery material for your research lab or lithium-ion cell manufacturing facility, contact the battery division.

LNMO Battery Material Characteristics

  • Phase purity above 96%
  • Surface area below 0.5 m²/ g
  • Tap density above 2.3g / cm³
  • Spherical particle shape
  • Narrow particle size distribution

LNMO Battery Material Benefits

High capacity

  • 130 mAh/g at 1C, 3.5 V – 5.0 V
  • 115 mAh/g at 1C, 4.4 V – 5.0 V

High power

  • Q10C / Q0.5C above 60%

Low fade rate

  • Below 0.1% per cycle at 55 °C

Working closely with our supply partners and organizations including the Electrochemical Society and NAATBatt International, we help lithium-ion battery manufacturers worldwide commercialize ambitious new technologies for the energy storage market.

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