Targray NMC Powder for Battery Manufacturers

Targray’s high-performance NMC powder is engineered to meet the quality, dependability, safety and efficiency requirements of next-generation lithium-ion cell manufacturers. For more information about our NMC powder cathode materials, consult the table below. For an in-depth review of specifications, or for information about bulk purchasing, please contact the battery division.

Lithium Nickel Manganese Cobalt Oxide Batteries

One of the most successful li-ion cathode formulas developed to date is obtained by combining nickel, manganese, and cobalt. Lithium-Nickel-Manganese-Cobalt-Oxide (LiNiMnCoO2), abbreviated as NMC, has become the go-to cathode powder to develop batteries for power tools, e-bikes and other electric powertrains. It delivers strong overall performance, excellent specific energy, and the lowest self-heating rate of all mainstream cathode powders, which makes it the preferred option for automotive batteries.

While NMC powder can refer to a variety of blends, the formula typically consists of 33% nickel, 33% manganese and 33% cobalt. This blend, sometimes referred to as 1-1-1, is a popular option for mass-produced cells in applications requiring frequent cycling (automotive, energy storage) due to the reduced material cost resulting from lower cobalt content.

NMC 333 Powder Specifications

 Product Code SNMC 03001
Material NMC 333
  Physico-chemical properties D10/um 4.2
D50/um 6.5
D90/um 11
BET/m2/g 0.48
TD/g/cm3 2.2
PH 11.1
Li2CO3/% 0.05
LiOH/% 0.03
  Electro-chemical data 2.8-4.25V Capacity/ mAh.g-1 154.8
Efficiency/% 88.8
Rate capacity retention/% 94.8
Cycle capacity retention @50 cycles/% 98.3

NMC 532 Powder Specifications

 Product Code SNMC 03002 SNMC 03010 SNMC 03009
Material NMC 532
  Physico-chemical properties D10/um 6.2 5 3.7
D50/um 11 10.1 6.4
D90/um 20.7 18.2 10.7
BET/m2/g 0.24 0.45 0.51
TD/g/cm3 2.63 2.25 1.78
PH 11.56 11.5 11.15
Li2CO3/% 0.08 0.13 0.08
LiOH/% 0.09 0.10 0.02
  Electro-chemical data 2.8-4.25V Capacity/ mAh.g-1 166.9 166.1 187.0@4.5V
Efficiency/% 89.3 88.1 86.0@4.5V
Rate capacity retention/% 93.4 94.9 94.3@4.5V
Cycle capacity retention @50 cycles/% 95.6 99.2 96.1@4.5V

NMC 622 Powder Specifications

 Product Code SNMC 03006
Material NMC 622
  Physico-chemical properties D10/um 7
D50/um 10
D90/um 19
BET/m2/g 0.28
TD/g/cm3 2.5
PH 11.65
Li2CO3/% 0.25
LiOH/% 0.13
  Electro-chemical data 2.8-4.25V Capacity/ mAh.g-1 175.8
Efficiency/% 90.3
Rate capacity retention/% 93.4
Cycle capacity retention @50 cycles/% 98.1

NMC 811 Powder Specifications

 Product Code SNMC 03008
Material NMC 811
  Physico-chemical properties D10/um 6.7
D50/um 13.8
D90/um 25.1
BET/m2/g 0.49
TD/g/cm3 2.31
PH 12.13
Li2CO3/% 0.64
LiOH/% 0.43
  Electro-chemical data 2.8-4.25V Capacity/ mAh.g-1 203.4@4.3V
Efficiency/% 88.4@4.3V
Rate capacity retention/% 94.0@4.3V
Cycle capacity retention @50 cycles/% 93.4@4.3V

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