Battery Pilot Line Equipment for Energy Storage Technology Developers

Targray’s Battery Pilot Line Equipment includes the precision equipment and materials required for prototyping a wide range of battery applications. Our equipment is sourced from some of the manufacturing industry’s premier metal foil processing equipment makers. For a brief overview of our Battery Pilot Line Equipment catalogue, see the following section. For additional informational and product specifications, please contact us.

We supply a variety of compact and precise coating heads for lithium-ion battery pilot lines. Our products can be customized to meet the specific coating requirements of our customers.

  • Small Coater (Entry Level)
  • Compact Coater (Double-Roll System) – multiple models available.
  • Compact Coater (Triple-Roll System) – multiple models available.
  • TH-C Coater (High Performance Coater)
Our battery slitter equipment is adapted to meet a multitude of foil cutting & slitting requirements. Winding units are comprised of air friction rolls.

  • Table-Top Slittler (Entry level)
  • Strip Slitter (Single-head slitter) 
  • Strip Slitter (Double-head slitter)
  • Slitter with Cutter (simultaneous processing)
  • Reel to Reel Slitter (continuous slitting)
Targray supplies a line of compact, user-friendly roll press machines for battery pilot line production. Our Roll Presses can be customized to meet specific customer needs in terms of safety and functionality.

  • 5T Hydraulic Roll Press for Mass Production (includes winder & rewinder)
  • Horizontal Heating Roll Mill
  • Hydraulic Roll Press (10T, 20T, 30T)

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