An Exceptional Combination of Safety & Performance

The latest addition to Targray’s line of battery separators, our ceramic separators delivers an exceptional combination of safety, temperature performance and life cycle for lithium-ion battery manufacturers and R&D facilities. Given their rigorous safety and performance features, our ceramic separators are ideally suited for advanced li-ion battery applications, namely electric vehicles and energy storage systems.

Ceramic Separators: Key Features & Benefits

  • Proven to be highly suitable for high-power (150 C) and high temperature (over 100°C) battery applications.
  • Fully compatible with a range of processing technologies including stacking, winding and z-folding.
  • Features superior wettability, which allows for the faster & more uniform absorption of electrolyte.
  • Demonstrates great resistance in typical abuse scenarios. (Nail penetration test)
  • Minimal shrinkage – less than 1% of shrinkage occurs after 24 hours at 200°C.
  • Enables the fast & thorough drying of stacks / jelly rolls at 130°C and above.
  • Ultra-long life cycle & calendar life. (up to 9000 cycles at 100% DoD)
  • Retains mechanical integrity in high heat, up to 240°C.
  • Qualified for use in automotive industry applications.

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