VMI for Battery Manufacturers

Since 2010, Targray (vendor managed inventory) VMI solutions have played an important role in the development of the global battery value chain, becoming a trusted source for some of the industry’s largest energy storage manufacturing and distribution companies. Designed to ensure product availability with the lowest logistics costs while maintaining the lowest attainable inventory level across the supply chain, our new and improved VMI program helps battery manufacturers, project developers and energy storage companies achieve a sustainable increase in operational efficiency and profits.

Working Capital

Faster inventory turnover facilitates the reduction of inventory levels, which in turn enables companies to free up working capital.

Material Availability

Vendor-managed inventory creates new efficiencies by helping businesses procure materials at the right time, and from the right location.

Operational Efficiency

With fewer ordering and logistics functions to worry about, Targray VMI solutions program participants are able to lower their administrative expenses.

Vendor Relationships

Effective vendor-managed inventory programs help build strong, long-lasting vendor relationships, which opens the door to better purchasing terms and conditions.

The Benefits of VMI

Inventory management plays a critical part in determining the overall efficiency of battery manufacturing and energy storage businesses. Not having materials and finished goods at the correct place and time creates avoidable risks and margin pressures. Targray’s vendor-managed inventory program was created specifically to address these concerns by reducing storage and downtime costs.