Montreal, Quebec – As a result of its consistent and significant growth over the past 20 years, Targray has relocated its corporate headquarters to a larger facility at 18105 Transcanada in Kirkland, Quebec. Targray is a leading supplier of silicon, raw materials and cutting edge products to the Photovoltaic industry, and the world’s largest full-line supplier of materials and consumables to the Optical Media industry. The move will enable the Company to support the steadily increasing global demand for its products and services, and the resulting growth in its head office personnel. The new facilities — which also inaugurate Targray’s 20th year in business — provide a significantly expanded and upgraded office space, a larger warehousing capacity, as well as a 100-person auditorium, an on-site serviced cafeteria, and a fully-equipped gym.

Relocating to larger facilities was imperative to sustain our expanding operations, especially in the Photovoltaic industry where we’re experiencing record growth,” said Andrew Richardson, President of Targray. “The move also affirms our commitment to our employees who, without a doubt, are the cornerstone of our success. We’re proud to offer them a new head office with a superior working environment that rewards their commitment and dedication to product innovation and superior customer service for the past 20 years.”

Targray’s current global operating infrastructure includes sales offices and warehousing facilities in over 19 locations throughout Asia, Europe, and the Americas. With its expanded corporate headquarters and additional personnel, Targray is now better positioned to support an Optical Media customer base of over 500 CD, DVD and Blu-ray manufacturers worldwide, as well as a rapidly expanding Photovoltaic customer base that includes some of the world’s leading cell, module and thin film manufacturers in the industry.

The Value-Add of a Single Source Supplier
As a single source supplier to the Photovoltaic and Optical Media industries, Targray enables manufacturers to save time, reduce costs and focus on their core business. By eliminating the need to source multiple vendors for their major raw materials and consumables purchases, manufacturers gain process expertise and accountability while significantly lowering their freight, accounting, transaction and inventory holding costs. In addition, Targray’s full-line of state-of-the-art products, combined with the Company’s customized and innovative industry-specific solutions enable manufacturers to: better manage costs; decrease down-time; increase yields, quality, and conversion efficiencies. For Optical Media and Photovoltaic manufacturers, the value-add is a more competitive position in the marketplace with an overall lower cost per disc, and cost per watt, respectively.

About Targray
Founded in 1987, Targray Technology is the world’s largest full-line supplier of materials and consumables to the Optical Media and Solar/Photovoltaic industries. The company is the leading supplier to Optical Media manufacturers with a customer base of over 500 replicators and machine manufacturers worldwide, and a 50% world-wide market share in Targets. It is also the fastest growing, single source supplier to leading manufacturers in the Photovoltaic industry. Targray offers a full line of innovative, state-of-the-art raw materials and consumables that enable these manufacturers to maximize solar cell and module quality and reliability, while significantly lowering their cost per watt. Targray is a global company with operations and customers in over 50 countries throughout Asia, Europe, and the Americas.


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