The race is on to develop next generation Li-ion batteries for today’s increasingly demanding hybrid and electronic vehicle applications,” stated Andrew Richardson, President of Targray. “However, the challenge in bringing this new Li-ion battery to market is to ensure several key requirements including higher safety, power and energy efficiency, longer lifetime, and ultimately, at a cost the market can bear. We believe our new line of Li-ion Battery materials will enable manufacturers to address these challenges and successfully bring to market the next generation of Li-ion batteries that satisfy these criteria and more.”

Targray’s new product line of Li-ion Battery materials underscores the Company’s 21 years of experience in supplying materials to high-technology industries, its international footprint, and highly-cultivated relationships with both customers and supply partners. This enables Targray to source the world for best-in-class Li-ion cell and battery materials, and bring these materials to its manufacturing customers rapidly, and at a globally competitive cost.

About Targray

Founded in 1989, Targray Technology is a leading global supplier of advanced performance materials to manufacturers in the Solar, Lithium-ion Battery and Optical Media industries. Targray brings a full-line of globally competitive, high-technology materials to its customers at a competitive cost. Targray’s extensive product portfolio includes products such as Silicon, Silver & Aluminum Paste, Encapsulant Film, Laminator Diaphragm, Graphene-composite Anode Materials, Copper & Aluminum Foils, Binder, PE & PP Separators and more. Targray is a global company with operations and customers in over 50 countries throughout Asia, Europe and the Americas.


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