Montreal, Quebec – Targray announces that it has partnered with Vorbeck Materials Corp. to introduce a new and disruptive graphene technology for manufacturers of Li-ion battery cells. The agreement names Targray as the exclusive global channel to market for the Vor-Charge™ Graphene Composite Anode Materials. Vor-Charge™ is based on a new technology that outperforms carbon nanotube and carbon black composites, and enables significantly increased cycle life and faster recharge rates.

We look forward to working with Vorbeck to bring to market a truly disruptive technology that will accelerate the advancement of Li-ion battery technology,” stated Andrew Richardson, President of Targray Technology International. “Vorbeck’s Graphene Composite Anode Materials offer higher energy density than other available technologies currently on the market, and the Company is the only one with EPA approval for the commercial sale of graphene-based products.”

Winner of the 2010 World Technology Award for outstanding innovation in the corporate materials category, Vorbeck is recognized as a leader in graphene technology development and commercialization. The Vor-charge™ Graphene Composite Anode Material is truly a breakthrough material for the 21st century. Developed in collaboration with Princeton University and the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL), Vor-Charge™ is a fully formulated anode composite with Li-ion storage material and graphene intimately mixed. This unique materials combination enables faster ion transport and electrical conduction, improving overall battery performance.

There’s a natural synergy between Targray and Vorbeck Materials, and we’re delighted with this partnership,” said John Lettow, President of Vorbeck Materials. “Targray not only has Li-ion battery industry expertise and a portfolio of novel materials, but the Company has a global infrastructure and strong technical capabilities. This combination will result in increased product performance for Li-ion battery manufacturers, while delivering exceptional service to this growing industry segment.

Targray’s Vor-Charge™ Graphene Composite Anode Material offers the following advantages:

  •     Improved cycle life – Issues associated with graphite particle fragmentation and loss of capacity due to large expansion and contraction are eliminated due to the mechanically flexible graphene sheets that buffer volume expansion
  •     Enhanced electron transport – The highly conductive graphene provides a robust network with strong electrical continuity
  •     High efficiency – The high surface area of graphene coated with a thin layer of ion-storage material ensures even distribution and interconnection of the ion storage material and the conductive graphene

About Vorbeck Materials Corp.
Vorbeck Materials Corp. was established in 2006 to manufacture and develop applications using Vor-x™, Vorbeck’s patented graphene material developed at Princeton University. Vorbeck became the first company in the world to successfully commercialize a graphene product in 2009 with the introduction of Vor-ink™, a graphene-based conductive ink for electronics applications.

About Targray
Founded in 1987, Targray is a leading global supplier of advanced performance materials to manufacturers in the Solar, Lithium-ion Battery and Optical Media industries. Targray brings a full-line of globally competitive, high-technology materials to its customers at a competitive cost. Targray’s extensive product portfolio includes products such as Silicon, Silver & Aluminum Paste, Encapsulant Film, Laminator Diaphragm, Graphene-composite Anode Materials, Copper & Aluminum Foils, Binder, PE & PP Separators and more. Targray is a global company with operations and customers in over 50 countries throughout Asia, Europe and the Americas.


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