Andrew Richardson, President of Targray, believes that it is a very exciting time to be involved in the biodiesel industry. He states that 2013 for example, saw Targray use its fleet of railcars to ship millions of gallons of biodiesel across the USA, including California which he identifies as a key market for 2014.

“It’s no surprise that significant volumes went into California in 2013(…). We expect this trend to continue into 2014 with continued support under the CARB LCFS program,” says Richardson. “With no blender’s tax credit in the rest of the country so far in 2014 – the LCFS program will ensure that California will be one of the biggest US markets for biodiesel.”

Dan Murray, Vice-President of Targray adds, “We are extremely pleased to be the Diamond Sponsor of this year’s conference; Targray is committed to the Biodiesel business and this is a great venue to thank our customers for their business, and build new relationships.”

About Targray

Targray is a global trading and distribution company, serving the high-tech manufacturing and energy markets for 25 years. Targray has expertise in supply chain management, logistics and global procurement. They have operations in over 50 countries worldwide including a large sales network in the US and Canada. They apply this expertise to renewable fuels in order to find solutions for their customers for the growing demand for sustainable energy. The company’s reach enables them to bring producers and customers together for their biodiesel, renewable fuels and feedstock requirements – assuring a consistent and reliable supply. They understand the complexities of the biofuels market and use that knowledge and their experience to serve you better.


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