Targray has been a major supplier of biodiesel by railcar to the California market. We are pleased to take it a step further by providing our customers with this strategic California inventory location able to serve both the North and the South,” said Andrew Richardson, President of Targray.

We have several active customers in California,” states Dan Murray, Targray Vice President, “We are now reaching out to them to make them aware that they can pick up full truckloads or even splash blend with us now in Bakersfield,” concludes Murray. Targray inventory will be in place mid-February, 2014.

About Targray

Targray is a global trading and distribution company, serving the high-tech manufacturing and energy markets for 25 years. Targray has expertise in supply chain management, logistics and global procurement. They have operations in over 50 countries worldwide including a large sales network in the US and Canada. They apply this expertise to renewable fuels in order to find solutions for their customers for the growing demand for sustainable energy. The company’s reach enables them to bring producers and customers together for their biodiesel, renewable fuels and feedstock requirements – assuring a consistent and reliable supply. They understand the complexities of the biofuels market and use that knowledge and their experience to serve customers better.

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