Andrew Richardson Named EY Entrepreneur of the Year

In his role as President, Richardson has led Targray’s evolution from a 19 million US$ optical disc material distributor to one of the fastest-growing suppliers of biodiesel fuel, solar PV materials and battery materials in the world, with total revenues of 305 million US$ in 2015.

Targray Becomes Member of Chicago Clean Cities Coalition

The CACC is a unique partnership of government and corporate organizations from every corner of the Chicago metropolitan area. Representing private businesses, educational and research institutions, fuel providers, utilities and environmental organizations, the organization works towards encouraging the use of clean fuel and clean fuel vehicles in and around the Chicago area.

Illinois B20 Club Announces Targray Biofuels as Latest Member

A joint initiative by the American Lung Association and the Illinois Soybean Association, the Illinois B20 Club is devoted to promoting clean air in the communities served by its members and to supporting Illinois farmers while keeping their engines running on America’s first advanced biofuel.

Targray Partners with Litarion to Supply Coated Electrodes

Targray announced distribution partnership with Litarion GmbH (Litarion), a German EV electrode manufacturer and wholly owned subsidiary of Electrovaya Inc. (TSX: EFL). Targray’s partnership with Electrovaya-Litarion will cement the company’s presence as a single source for a range of li-ion battery materials and components, easily accessible by North American manufacturers seeking a streamlined, cost-effective distribution channel.