Montreal, Canada – Targray has announced its membership with Grain Trade Australia (GTA), a leading grains advocacy organisation which established, developed, and standardized commodity trading rules and contracts across the Australian grains and pulses industry since its formation in 1991.

The Code of Practice developed by the GTA binds the self-regulatory framework and encourages market confidence in the value chain, while supporting local and international market access for Australian grains, pulses, and oilseeds. Australia is a rich seeding ground for the farming, production, and export of a variety of pulses, and Targray’s global pulse trading, sourcing, and distribution activities involving Australian lentils, Desi and Kabuli chickpeas, fava beans, peas, and mung beans are enriched by the GTA’s efforts to create an efficient, sustainable, and transparent operating environment.


About Grain Trade Australia

The GTA has over 260 organisation members comprised of producers, domestic end-users, and exporters involved in grain trading & marketing, storage, and processing, as well as commercial activities such as banking, communications, grain advisory and professional services.

The non-profit group makes a library of publications available including the Code of Practice, grain trading standards, trade rules and market access initiatives, and offers member resources such as training and development programs, advocacy support, industry events, and more.

To learn more about Grain Trade Australia visit their website.

About Targray Pulses

Targray’s pulses trading desk connects producers and consumers around the world, sourcing and distributing a broad selection of pulses including chickpeas, green peas, lentils, and a multitude of bean varieties. The company collaborates with national organisations like the GTA and several international associations to address global challenges around responsible sourcing, traceable supply chains, and sustainable agriculture.


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