Montreal, Canada – Targray has outfitted the rooftop of its corporate headquarters with a cutting-edge 242-module photovoltaic (PV) system. Located in the West Island of Montreal, the new installation is expected to produce 130,000 kWh annually.

The 107-kilowatt system installed by local solar energy company Quebec Solar is comprised of 450-watt panels positioned along a support structure, with bifacial dual glass cells from leading solar module manufacturer Talesun Solar that can capture sunlight from the front as well as the light reflected behind the panels – an advantageous solution for snow-capped roofs in the winter months.

Solar panels transform the sunlight they absorb into direct current (DC) electricity, which then travels through inverters and converts the low voltage current into AC electricity. Targray’s battery system employs a hybrid model with nine inverters. Once the indoor electrical installation is complete, the solar energy will be distributed according to office needs in order to supply backup power during outages and ensure critical infrastructures remain uninterrupted, as well as to reduce power consumption by leveling electricity during periods of high demand through peak shaving.

An expansion project is currently underway at Targray’s Montreal headquarters, with the company planning a full reveal of the office’s new look and space in autumn 2023.


About Targray

Targray is a global marketer and distributor of physical commodities and advanced materials for a range of niche markets. Since being established in 1987 in Montreal, Canada, the company has grown to become a major international supplier of renewable fuels, electronic materials, agricultural commodities, and carbon trading solutions.

From photovoltaic modules and battery casings, to sustainable cotton, pulses and renewable fuels, Targray’s products play an important role in helping reduce the world’s carbon footprint while allowing partners to create safer, more reliable solutions that enhance the consumer experience.


About Quebec Solar

Quebec Solar is a solar panel system design and installation company located in Montreal, Quebec which provides design, installation and support services to individuals or companies looking to move toward green energy and independence. Quebec Solar is dedicated to providing turnkey solar power projects and solutions for residential, commercial and agricultural markets using industry leading technology.


Targray Solar Roof
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