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Targray is a leading North American NGL supplier, marketer and trader. Supported by our logistics, hedging, and risk management expertise, our natural gas liquids business is focused on supplying natural gasoline (condensate) to customers throughout the United States. Drawing on three decades of supply chain experience, we are committed to delivering full-service wholesale NGL solutions that provide exceptional value to our customers.

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NGL Supply Chain Ingenuity

Supported by the Targray group’s strong hedging and risk management capabilities, our innovative NGL supplier strategies are executed through a directly-managed transportation network to ensure a reliable and cost-effective product-service offering.

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Natural Gas Liquids Trading

Our proximity with domestic and international natural gas producers enables us to provide a complete portfolio of competitively-priced natural gas liquid products at market prices. Our flexible NGL procurement solutions help buyers unlock added value while minimizing risk to their organization.

About Natural Gas Liquids

About Natural Gas Liquids and the NGL Sector

Natural gas liquids – often abbreviated NGLs — are hydrocarbons in the same family as natural gas and crude oil, composed solely of carbon and hydrogen. The NGL product family includes LPG, natural gasoline (condensate), propane, butane, ethane, ethene, propene, butadiene, pentene and pentane. These products can serve a wide range of purposes, from heating and petrochemical feedstock, to energy recovery from wells and oil sands. Natural gasoline liquids can also be blended to produce fuel for combustion engines.

In recent years, NGL-rich parts of supply basins have earned increased attention from oil and natural gas producers due to higher crude oil prices. Natural gas liquids production has reached an all-time high in the United States, creating a need for improved NGL processing, supply and distribution capabilities nationally.

Natural Gas Liquids Storage

In north America, storage of natural gas liquids is necessary since NGL volumes produced often exceed the regional pipeline takeaway capacity and processing capacity. In larger volumes, NGLs are primarily stored as pressurized liquid in underground containers, though some geologies support above-ground tanks.
The Appalachian region – a North American hot spot for NGL extraction in North America – has historically been dependent on storage outside the region to satisfy peak-season NGL demand.
For more information about the North American NGL industry, visit the U.S. Energy Information Administration.
NGL Products and Applications

Common NGL Products

Applications End product Key Sector(s)
Butane Petrochemical feedstock; Propane and Gasoline blend LPG; lighter fuel; synthetic tire rubber Industrial, Transportation
Ethane Petrochemical feedstock; Ethylene (plastics) Plastics; Plastic bags; laundry detergent Industrial
Isobutane Petrochemical feedstock; Refinery feedstock Aerosols; Refrigerant; Alkylate (gasoline) Industrial
Pentane Natural gasoline; Blowing agent (polysterene) Gasoline; Polystyrene; Solvent Transportation
Propane Petrochemical feedstock; Heating; Cooking LPG; Home heating; Stoves and barbeques Residential, Industrial, Transportation
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The Targray NGL Division is committed to bringing natural gas liquids producers and buyers together while ensuring a consistent and reliable supply, always delivered on time. Our NGL supply network is built on our understanding of the midstream natural gas market and supported by transportation resources capable of delivering natural gasoline throughout the United States. To discuss your product and volume requirements with a Targray NGL supplier, or to learn more about our natural gas liquids business, please contact us.