Natural Gasoline – also known as natural gas condensate or C5 – is a midstream NGL product commonly produced at natural gas processing plants. Bearing similarities to a low octane motor gasoline, condensate has traditionally been supplied as a blendstock for blenders. Being less expensive than motor gasoline, it is used to lower the cost of the overall motor gasoline pool for blenders. In recent years, the North American oil sands industry – which uses condensate as a diluent – has become a leading source of demand for natural-gas condensate.

Natural Gasoline Marketing and Supply Solutions

GPA Midstream Association logoTargray engages in the supply, distribution, storage, exchange and risk management of natural gas liquids – primarily natural gasoline (condensate). The company is also one of the largest marketers of bio-based fuels in the United States. Consumables purchasing, transportation, and marketing services have been a core part of Targray’s business for three decades. Our natural gas liquids company maintains a diverse group of NGL supply sources and storage solutions throughout North America. Leveraging AI-powered platforms to enhance our logistics operations, we deliver reliable NGL products by truck, rail, marine vessel, and common carrier pipelines.

The Chemical Composition of Condensate

Natural gasoline i.e. condensate is a natural gas liquid (NGL) with a vapor pressure that lies between that of natural-gas condensate (drip gas) and liquefied petroleum gas (LPG). It is the only NGL which is remains in a liquid state at atmospheric pressures and temperatures. Although it is volatile and unstable on its own, condensate can be blended with other hydrocarbons to produce commercial motor gasoline. The hydrocarbon mixture of natural gasoline consists primarily of pentanes extracted from natural gas that meet the specifications put forth by the GPA Midstream Association. Condensate also includes isopentane, a saturated branch-chain hydrocarbon (C5H12), obtained through the fractionation of natural gasoline, or the isomerization of normal pentane.
Targray’s team of NGL marketing professionals is focused on securing reliable and cost-effective rail, barge, truck, and pipeline access for our natural gas liquid products. Our long-standing relationships with natural gas producers, midstream companies and other industry stakeholders enable us to help customers in several markets unlock value while minimizing supply chain risk. To learn more about our innovative condensate supply chain solutions, please contact us.

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