Polycarbon Resin for Optical Disc Replication


Polycarbonate resin plasticTargray is a leading global supplier of polycarbonate resin for optical disc manufacturers. Delivering improved ductility and toughness, our high-performance polycarbonate products have been engineered to meet the ever-increasing demand for quality and integrity in the optical media market. Their consistent, high–flow properties allow for faster cycle times and excellent pit replication, which in turn results in higher yields for CD, DVD, and Blu-Ray disc replicators.

Key characteristics of our Polycarbonate Resin include:

  • Consistent high flow properties.
  • Excellent surface finish and transparency.
  • Superior mold release performance.
  • Excellent pit reproducibility.
  • Low birefringence over the entire play length.
  • Improved toughness and break strength for demanding disc applications.

optical media replication materialsTargray’s experience in optical media dates back to the inception of the compact disc. Over the course of three decades, the company has worked with over 500 replicators worldwide, helping optical disc manufacturers improve yields, decrease downtime and reduce their overall cost-per-disc. Our industry-leading portfolio is supported by a range of supply chain services developed to provide producers with a significant competitive edge through:


  • Lower transaction and freight costs.
  • Decreased inventory.
  • Increased yields and disc quality.

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