Wholesale Heating Oil Supply

Bulk No.2 Fuel Oil for Distributors and Retailers

Wholesale Heating Oil Supply Solutions

Our Refined Fuels team is focused on providing dependable, affordable wholesale heating oil supply solutions to distributors and retailers throughout North America. Supported by Targray’s cross-border delivery network, our heating oil programs are designed to create value for wholesale buyers in several markets. For more information about our heating oil supply solutions, contact our refined fuels team.

About our Heating Oil Supply Programs

We market and supply heating oil in bulk to fuel oil distributors and retailers in the U.S. and Canada. By addressing regional imbalances in supply & demand, we’re able to create differentiated value for wholesale heating oil buyers.

Our partnership-driven fuel supply solutions help close supply gaps and solve market inefficiencies in several North American markets.

Heating Oil Pricing and Quality

Our bulk heating oil supply programs are designed for wholesale buyers seeking to lower their costs through optimized procurement. We work with customers on budgeting and locking-in costs with spot market pricing and forward buy plans.

Our Refined Fuels team is focused on maintaining leading fuel quality standards for the petroleum products we supply. Our traders and supply chain specialists are committed to providing customers with:

  • High-quality petroleum products that comply with or exceed industry standards
  • Up-to-date, accurate information about heating oil pricing and product specifications 
  • Dedicated customer service to ensure product-related questions are addressed in a timely fashion

About Targray Refined Fuels

Our Refined Fuels business is a division of Targray Group, a leading North American supplier of petroleum- and bio-based fuel products. Operating out of Calgary, Alberta, our Refined Products team is committed to providing dependable supply, creative customer solutions, operational excellence and technologies that make it easier to do business.

Canadian Independent Petroleum Marketing Association (CIPMA)


The Canadian Independent Petroleum Marketers Association (CIPMA) is a national association for Canada’s fuel industry. Members are responsible for the distribution of diesel and other fuel products across a vast geography.

Sigma Fuel Marketers


The Society of Independent Gasoline Marketers of America (SIGMA) serves to further the interests of North America’s fuel sector. The organization provides a range of valuable services to its members.

NACS logo


The National Association of Convenience Stores (NACS) is an international trade association. It represents more than 3,500 c-stores and fuel industry stakeholders in markets around the world.



The American Petroleum Institute (API) is a U.S. trade association that represents all facets of the natural gas and oil industry. Its members include refining, petroleum marketing, pipeline, and marine businesses from across the country.


Our Products

Wholesale Gasoline Supply

Gasoline Supply

Our wholesale gasoline supply programs are a trusted source for North American fuel distributors, wholesalers, traders, retailers and petroleum refineries.
Jet Fuel Targray

Jet Fuel Supply

Leveraging thirty years of experience in wholesale distribution and trading, our Refined Fuels team builds innovative commercial fuel delivery arrangements.

Diesel Supply

Diesel Fuel Supply

Our bulk diesel supply business is focused on providing dependable, cost-effective fuel solutions to distributors and retailers throughout North America.