Inventory Financing

The Working Capital Solution for Growing Companies

What is Inventory Finance?

Growing companies are often unable to get as much credit from their suppliers as they need. Suppliers may demand fast payment or limit the amount of product that you can buy on credit terms at any given time. These conditions affect your ability to fulfill orders and can limit your growth opportunities.

Inventory financing is a form of asset based lending that allows businesses to leverage their existing inventory to improve working capital. This financing approach is suitable for medium-sized private companies who trade goods internationally. It frees up funds that can be used to purchase additional goods to handle growing orders or pay for ongoing business expenses.

In-Transit Inventory Finance

In-transit Receivables Inventory Finance funds the export of your goods on the move. We provide you early funding during the transit period where in-transit inventory may be treated by lenders as ineligible collateral.

In-transit Payables Inventory Finance funds your imports from the time your exporter delivers the goods to Targray. When cargo arrives, you pay Targray. Unlike most conventional lenders, we are often able to accept in-transit inventory as collateral.

Inventory Finance Benefits for Suppliers

  • Provides additional working capital
  • Boosts your competitiveness by allowing your customer to pay on arrival, rather than at shipment
  • Gives you a better scope for negotiation with your customer
  • Improves cash flow forecasting

Inventory Finance Benefits for Buyers

  • Allows you to borrow against your inventory in transit
  • Improves your working capital efficiency
  • Boosts your liquidity
  • Strengthens your relationships with suppliers by ensuring faster payment
  • Improves your ability to negotiate favourable pricing on large purchases

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