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Targray is a global marketer and distributor of commodities and advanced materials for sustainable industries. Since being established in 1987 in Montreal, Canada, our company has grown to become a leading international supplier of renewable fuels and feedstock, battery materials, solar products and environmental commodities.

Leveraging our expertise in sourcing, distribution, marketing, finance and logistics, we’re focused on creating differentiated value for our customers in over 50 countries around the world.


Fueling the Transition to Sustainability

Working alongside global partners, we are focused on supporting the growth and sustainability of novel energy and agriculture industries through collaboration, innovation and value creation.

From photovoltaic modules and battery casings, to hydrogenated vegetable oils and renewable fuels, our products play an important role in helping reduce the world’s carbon footprint while allowing partners to create safer, more reliable solutions that enhance the consumer experience.

Biofuels and Feedstock

Established in 2012, the Biofuels Division has quickly grown to become an international leader in the sourcing, transporting, storage, trading and supply of bio-based fuels. The company’s product line includes an array of biodiesel blends and feedstocks.

Environmental Products

Our Environmental Commodities team has leading expertise and capabilities in carbon trading for compliance and voluntary markets. We trade a broad range of emissions related products & services – including spot trading, forwards, futures, transaction structuring and hedging strategies. We also provide tailored carbon reduction solutions for both large and small emitters.

Sustainable Cotton

Our sustainable cotton business connects raw cotton suppliers, traders and end users around the globe through integrated sourcing, logistics, sales and distribution activities. Leveraging Targray Group’s supply chain capabilities and international footprint, our cotton traders are able to create differentiated value for customers.

Solar and Energy Storage

Since 2005, Targray solar materials and PV supply solutions have played an important part in making solar a commercially viable alternative energy source. With over 2 billion USD in sales over the last decade, our solar business has established itself as one of the largest photovoltaic material suppliers outside of mainland China.

Lithium-ion Battery Materials

Targray’s Battery Division was established in 2010 to support the material requirements of lithium-ion cell manufacturers, battery project developers, and R&D labs. Today, it markets the broadest portfolio of advanced materials in the battery sector, serving the needs of over 300 customers around the world.

Our Growth Story

Innovation is at the center of Targray’s growth story. For over three decades, our organization has continuously transformed itself in the pursuit of new opportunities. Our focus on emerging technologies has led us to establish a major presence in several rapidly-growing industry segments.

Today, we work collaboratively with leading global firms to create innovative supply solutions that foster sustainable growth.

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