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Materials and Supply Chain Solutions for Renewable Industries

What We Do

Established in 1989 in Montreal, Canada, Targray is a privately-owned multinational corporation that markets a broad range of products, materials and supply chain solutions for novel, rapidly-growing energy industries. The company is a leading international supplier of lithium-ion battery materials & equipment, solar modules & PV materials, and biodiesel fuel.

Drawing on three decades of experience supporting manufacturing and technology sectors, Targray is focused on playing an integral part in building the customer value chain. Our interdisciplinary team of professionals combines global resources with market-leading expertise to create valuable business solutions for our clients in over 50 countries.

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Advanced Materials

Targray is a global supplier of advanced materials for manufacturers and distributors across multiple industries. Our high-performance materials and equipment solutions are a trusted source for some of the world’s largest renewable energy technology developers.

Biodiesel Supply Chain

International Logistics

We are committed to helping our customers unlock value with innovative logistics solutions and services aimed at creating new efficiencies and accelerating growth. We also provide the global warehousing capabilities needed to effectively manage long-term supply agreements.

Clean technology financing

Supply Chain Solutions

Our supply chain financing solutions enable clean technology manufacturers to improve their working capital while allowing their suppliers to generate additional operating cash flow, thus minimizing risk across the supply chain and creating win-win situations for all industry stakeholders.

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