About Targray

Targray is a diversified, multinational commodity and specialty materials company that markets a broad range of products and supply chain solutions for high growth energy sectors. Founded in 1989 in Montreal, Canada, our organization is a leading international provider of battery materials, solar and energy storage solutions, and biofuels.

Drawing on three decades of experience supporting rapidly growing industries, we are focused on playing an integral part in building the customer value chain. Our multicultural workforce is focused on combining global resources with market-leading expertise to create innovative business solutions for markets around the world.

Corporate Information

Company History

Over the course of thirty years, Targray has transformed itself from a home-based material distribution business to a multinational renewable energy leader.

Industry Sectors

Our portfolio of over a hundred products and solutions helps sustain a diverse range of industry sectors, from agriculture and manufacturing to transportation.

Business Locations

Our international footprint enables us to help solve global challenges while effectively responding to the local and regional needs of our customers.


We collaborate with leading non-profits and trade associations in the pursuit of innovative sustainability solutions that foster global environmental responsibility.

Industry Recognition

Our commitment to entrepreneurial excellence, sustainability, value creation and market innovation has been recognized over the years.

Work Culture

Targray is committed to fostering a work culture that espouses the principles of honesty, inclusivity, integrity, and achievement throughout our organization.

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