About Targray

Targray Group is a diversified multinational commodity and specialty materials company that markets a broad range of products and solutions for the renewable energy sector. Established in 1989 in Montreal, Canada, our organization is a leading international provider of battery materials, solar and energy storage solutions, and biodiesel fuel.

Drawing on 3 decades of experience supporting rapidly growing industries, our team strives to play an integral part in building the customer value chain, combining Targray Group’s global resources with market-leading expertise to create innovative business solutions for markets around the world.

Optical Disc

In the mid 1980s, CD technology was gaining momentum with consumers, and manufacturers were struggling to meet demand for their product. Seeing the sector’s vast growth potential, Engineer Thomas Richardson started a home business providing materials for compact disc production. Before long, operations had grown beyond the confines of Richardson’s home office, prompting him to launch the Targray brand.

Offering everything from mastering and replication materials to printing and packaging solutions, Targray quickly became a household name in the CD industry, forging successful partnerships with Philips, Entegris and Dow Plastics en route to becoming a hundred million dollar business.

Solar Photovoltaics

In 2005, Targray launched its Solar Division to supply raw materials and consumables to the burgeoning solar photovoltaics sector. Building on the customer-focused approach that helped Targray become a compact disc industry leader, the Solar Division worked collaboratively with partners to create new efficiencies and lower the cost-per-watt their solar solutions can deliver to end users.

Targray’s solar business was quick to find success, generating over 25 million CAD in sales in its first year alone. It has since gone on to generate over 1.2 billion CAD in sales, establishing itself as one of the world’s largest solar material distributors outside of mainland China.

Lithium-ion Battery

The Battery Division was established in 2010 to support the material requirements of lithium-ion cell manufacturers, battery project developers and national laboratories. Today, it markets the broadest portfolio of specialty materials in the battery sector, serving the needs of over 300 customers around the world.

Leveraging Targray Group’s international footprint and industry expertise, the Battery Division works jointly with partners on enhancing product features, acquiring new customers, lowering lead times, freeing up inventory dollars, improving cash flow and managing supply risk.


Established in 2012, the Biofuels Division has quickly grown to become a North American leader in the sourcing, transporting, storage, trading and supply of bio-based fuels.

Supported by an extensive network of company-managed rail cars and fuel terminals, Targray creates innovative, value-driven  biodiesel solution for fuel retailers, diesel distributors, commodity traders and transportation companies throughout the U.S. and Europe. 

Fueling the Clean Energy Transition

Working alongside global partners, Targray is focused on accelerating the growth of renewable energy industries through collaboration, innovation and value creation.

From solar glass and battery casings, to biofuels and carbon-neutralizing additives, our solutions play an important role in helping reduce the world’s carbon footprint while enabling energy technology providers to create more efficient, better-performing products that enhance the consumer experience.


Sustainably Innovative

Innovation is at the center of Targray’s growth story. For over three decades, our company has continuously transformed itself in the pursuit of new opportunities. Our core focus on high-growth technology markets has led us to establish a presence in a diverse range of sectors over the years, from optical disc manufacturing to transportation fuels.

Today, we work collaboratively with HSBC and other leading firms to create novel solutions that fuel the world’s transition towards sustainable energy.

Company Information

Company History

Over the course of thirty years, Targray has transformed itself from a home-based material distribution business to a multinational renewable energy leader.

Industry Sectors

Our portfolio of over a hundred products and solutions helps sustain a diverse range of industry sectors, from agriculture and manufacturing to transportation.

Business Locations

Our international footprint enables us to help solve global challenges while effectively responding to the local and regional needs of our customers.


We collaborate with leading non-profits and trade associations in the pursuit of innovative sustainability solutions that foster global environmental responsibility.

Industry Recognition

Our commitment to entrepreneurial excellence, sustainability, value creation and market innovation has been recognized over the years.

Work Culture

Targray is committed to fostering a work culture that espouses the principles of honesty, inclusivity, integrity, and achievement throughout our organization.

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