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Supplier of lithium-ion battery materials, biodiesel, solar PV material

Trusted by manufacturers, distributors and project developers worldwide

Materials for the Road Ahead

Targray is an international leader in the sourcing, transportation, storage, financing, distribution and supply of commodities and specialty materials for the Biofuels, Solar and Battery sectors.

Leveraging 3 decades of experience in high-growth technology sectors, we work with partners on enhancing product features, lowering lead times, optimizing inventory, improving cash flow and managing risk across the supply chain. Our material solutions help reduce the world’s carbon footprint while enabling technology providers to create more efficient, better performing products for consumers.

Solar Photovoltaics

Targray solar materials and supply chain solutions are a trusted source for the world’s leading PV manufacturers, solar project developers, EPCs, contractors and installers. The Solar Division is focused on helping its customers create new business efficiencies while enhancing the durability and performance of their PV products. Our international trading experience and financing capabilities enable us to create value-driven PV material solutions for solar companies throughout the supply chain.

Our high performance mono, multi and bi-facial solar cells and modules help solar panel manufacturers, distributors, and developers lower the cost-per-watt their solar solutions can deliver to end-users. Our solar silicon materials portfolio includes polysilicon, silicon ingot and solar wafers.

Biodiesel Distribution

Supported by a company-managed rail fleet and fuel terminal network, Targray is one of the largest and fastest-growing wholesale biodiesel suppliers in North America and Europe. Supported by our extensive experience in supply chain management, international trade and commercial procurement, our BQ-9000 certified biofuels company supplies turnkey B99 and blended biodiesel solutions to truck stops, fuel retailers, convenience stores, fleet managers, mine operators, farmers, petroleum companies and commodity traders worldwide.

Together with industry partners including SIGMA, NACS and NATSO, we are committed to bringing sustainable value to the Biofuels Marketplace. Since 2012, Our biodiesel supply solutions have been a trusted source for both national and independently-owned diesel fuel distributors.

Lithium-ion Battery Manufacturing

Targray Group’s international footprint enables us to source the globe for best-in-class lithium-ion battery materials and equipment solutions. Working closely with battery supply chain partners, we bring to market innovative battery material solutions for manufacturing and R&D in the energy storage industry. Our portfolio of lithium-ion battery materials includes battery electrodes, anode materials (graphite, graphene, LTO), cathode materials, electrolyte solutions, separators, packaging materials and lithium-ion cells.

Targray supports battery manufacturing and science through its affiliations with NAATbatt and the Electrochemical Society. We accompany battery manufacturers and researchers through every stage of the product development cycle, from early innovation to large-scale production.

Optimizing Procurement in the Cleantech Sector

Designed to meet the needs of solar and energy storage companies, our innovative supply chain financing platform leverages Targray group’s robust financing facility to provide buyers and sellers the flexibility they require to lower procurement costs, unlock value and accelerate growth.

Supported by critical material allocation agreements with specialty material manufacturers, our company also offers the global warehousing and supply chain capabilities required to effectively manage long-term material supply agreements. Our extensive materials portfolio includes products for solar panel producers, PV manufacturers, battery manufacturers, EPCs, energy storage project developers, installers, contractors and more. For more information, please contact us.

Featured Solutions

Inventory Management

We combine global resources with finance & logistics expertise to create valuable business solutions for our customers.

Biodiesel Marketing

Our Biofuels business delivers full-service wholesale biodiesel solutions built to provide differentiated value to customers.

Solar PV Financing

Targray supply chain finance programs help PV companies unlock capital to meet society’s growing energy needs.

High-efficiency PV Cells

Featuring bifacial, mono PERC, mono- and multicrystalline technologies, our solar cells portfolio is a trusted source for PV module manufacturers worldwide.

Battery Cathode Powders

Targray markets a range of cathode active materials engineered to help lithium-ion cell manufacturers overcome unique market challenges.

B99 Blending Solutions

We create turnkey B99 biodiesel solutions that enable diesel retailers to enhance their fuel margins while helping create a more sustainable future.

Powered by Partnership

Targray Group has developed particular expertise in the areas of biofuels, solar power, and battery energy storage. From PV cells and battery casings, to biofuels and carbon-neutralizing additives, our solutions play an important role in helping reduce the world’s carbon footprint while enabling energy technology providers to create more efficient, better-performing products that enhance the consumer experience.

Across our business lines, we collaborate with leading non-profits and trade associations in the pursuit of innovative sustainability solutions and systems that foster global environmental responsibility.



News and Announcements

Targray Earns Deloitte Best Managed Companies Award

Targray has been named one of Canada’s Best Managed Companies by professional services firm Deloitte. One of the country’s leading business awards programs, Best Managed Companies recognizes Canadian-owned organizations for innovative, world-class business practices.

EU Biodiesel Trading Desk opens in Geneva

Part of a broader investment plan to meet demand for low-carbon fuels in the EU, the Geneva trading desk will leverage off Targray’s global franchise and in-house expertise to create differentiated value for biodiesel consumers throughout Europe.

Biofuels Division Announces West Fargo Biodiesel Terminal

Located in West Fargo, North Dakota, the new terminal will provide local fuel buyers with greater access to biodiesel, a bio-based renewable fuel that produces 80% fewer CO2 emissions than petroleum diesel.

Targray Expands Solar Supply Chain Finance Program

Targray’s solar supply chain financing solution enables solar material buyers to optimize working capital through extended payment terms, while helping their suppliers benefit from additional cash flow through accelerated payment.

Minnesota Biodiesel Distribution Center Opens in Saint Paul

Strategically located in the heart of Saint Paul, the new biodiesel terminal will help address the rapid growth in regional demand for biodiesel in Minnesota, stemming from recent updates to the state’s Biofuels mandate.

California Regulators Approve NOx Mitigating Biodiesel Additive

California regulators have announced the certification of CATANOX, a NOx mitigating biodiesel additive developed by Targray to help meet the latest requirements of the state’s Low Carbon Fuel Standard.

Innovative Cleantech Solutions

For over three decades, our company has continuously transformed itself in the pursuit of new opportunities. Our core focus on high-growth technology markets has led us to establish a presence in a diverse range of sectors over the years, from optical disc manufacturing to transportation fuels. Today, through diverse but focused businesses, Targray is committed to delivering innovative products and solutions to markets around the world. Our global team of professionals has the knowledge to assist customers in the planning, design, assessment, and execution of their projects.