Creating Value at the Source

Targray is a global leader in the sourcing, transportation, storage, trading and distribution of commodities and advanced materials for a broad range of industry sectors.

Since 1987, we’ve worked with partners in over 50 countries to create sustainable value across the supply chain. Our supply solutions help reduce the world’s carbon footprint while enabling our customers to create safer, more reliable products for consumers.

Renewable Fuels & Feedstock

Supported by a large rail fleet and terminal network, Targray is a leading supplier of biodiesel fuel and feedstock in the United States, Europe, and Canada. Our biodiesel programs help fuel retailers, distributors, refineries and fleet operators grow their profitability while creating a more sustainable economy for future generations.


Our team of pulse suppliers & traders works with partners to source and distribute a broad variety of pulses including chickpeas, beans, lentils and peas.

Our commitment to responsible and sustainable supply chains is reflected in all of our pulse sourcing, trading, logistics, sales and distribution activities. Our in-house expertise in global logistics helps us ensure that the products we provide maintain their exceptional quality throughout the product journey.

Sustainable Cotton

Targray connects producers and consumers of cotton in markets around the globe, and is a major buyer of wholesale cotton produced in Benin, Mali, Burkina Faso, the Ivory Coast, Brazil, Argentina, Australia and India.

Our experienced team of cotton suppliers & traders works with partners in these countries to help increase their competitiveness in domestic and international markets.

Battery Materials

Targray Group’s international footprint enables us to source the globe for best-in-class battery materials. As a leading battery material supplier and distributor, we bring to market innovative technology solutions for commercial li-ion cell manufacturing and R&D. Our advanced materials portfolio includes battery electrodes, anode materials, cathode materials, electrolyte solutions, packaging materials and lithium-ion cells.

Solar & Energy Storage

For over a decade, Targray solar and energy storage supply chain solutions have been a trusted source for the PV manufacturers, solar suppliers, energy storage distributors,  EPCs, contractors and installers in markets around the world. The Solar Division is focused on helping customers strengthen their supply chains while making their solar and energy storage products available to a wider audience.

Refined Products

The Refined Fuels Division supplies bulk gasoline, diesel fuel, jet fuel (kerosene) and related products to commercial, industrial and retail customers throughout North America. Leveraging Targray Group’s vast North American network of managed rail cars and fuel terminals, our Calgary-based Refined Fuels team is focused on addressing regional imbalances in fuel production and consumption to create differentiated value for customers.

Featured Solutions

Biofuel Feedstock
Biofuel Feedstock

ISCC-certified feedstock from various sources for biodiesel and renewable fuel producers in North America and the EU.

Sustainable Cotton Suppliers
Sustainable Cotton

Connecting sustainable cotton suppliers and end users through integrated sourcing, supply chain and sales activities.

Solar PV Module Manufacturing
PV Materials

Supply solutions for polysilicon, silicon wafers, solar cells, solar modules and PV manufacturing materials.

Battery Manufacturing
Li-ion Battery Materials

A broad range of high-performance materials to help battery engineers overcome unique production challenges.

Dry Bean Suppliers
Agricultural Commodities

Wholesale distribution, supply and trading solutions for pulse and grain traders in the Americas, Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Asia.

Biodiesel Supply and Marketing
Biodiesel Marketing

Turnkey biodiesel supply programs for diesel distributors, jobbers, retailers, and truck fleets in North America and Europe.

Fueled by Partnership

From PV cells and battery casings, to renewable fuels and carbon neutralizing additives, our materials play an important role in reducing global carbon emissions while helping technology providers create better products that enhance the consumer experience.

Across our business divisions, we collaborate with leading trade associations in the pursuit of sustainable solutions that foster global environmental responsibility.

News & Announcements

Grain Trade Australia and Targray Join Forces

Targray has announced its membership with Grain Trade Australia (GTA), a leading grains advocacy organisation which established, developed, and standardized commodity trading rules and contracts across the Australian grains and pulses industry since its formation in 1991.

Targray Joins International Cotton Association

Targray is pleased to announce its membership with the International Cotton Association (ICA), the world’s leading global cotton association with the aim of promoting safe trading through integrated sourcing, logistics, sales, and distribution .

Targray Appoints Sajindra Jayasena as CIO

Sajindra comes to Targray from leading global commodities trading software provider (CTRM) Amphora, where he served as Group CTO. Prior to that, he worked for nearly 9 years as a technology executive at Deutsche Bank, one of the world’s largest financial service providers.

Felismina De Oliveira Named COO of Targray
Targray has announced Felismina (Mina) De Oliveira as its Chief Operating Officer (COO) and the latest member of its Senior Management Team. Mina will be responsible for Targray’s 24/7 intermodal shipping operations and supply chain strategy.
Targray Joins Agri-food Supercluster Protein Industries Canada

Targray is proud to join Protein Industries Canada (PIC), an industry-led not-for-profit organization and one of Canada’s five innovation Superclusters, with the shared goal of strengthening Canada’s agri-food sector and economy.

Targray Attends Pulse and Special Crops Convention

Targray is attending the Pulse and Special Crops Convention, and annual event by the Canadian Special Crops Association (CSCA), a non-profit alliance of over 100 processors, exporters and service providers engaged in the production and trade of Canadian pulses and grains.

energy transition

Powering the Energy Transition

Since 1987, our company has continuously transformed itself in the pursuit of new markets and opportunities. Our core focus on rapidly growing industries has led us to establish a leading presence in a range of new energy segments, from photovoltaics and energy storage, to low-carbon transportation fuels.

Today, through diverse but focused businesses, Targray Group is committed to delivering innovative products and solutions to markets worldwide. Our global team of professionals has the knowledge to assist customers in the planning, design, and execution of their projects.