Targray Business Divisions

Biofuels & Feedstock

Our Biofuels and Feedstock business is a leading supplier of biodiesel and renewable feedstock to producers, retailers, wholesalers, traders, distributors, and refiners throughout the U.S., Europe, and Canada. Supported by our extensive rail fleet and terminal biodiesel blending and manufacturing solutions that create value while helping build a more sustainable economy for future generations.

Carbon Trading Initiatives

Environmental Commodities

Operating jointly out of Targray’s North American and Europe trading desks, our Environmental Markets team offers customers the opportunity to trade in the European Union Emissions Trading System, the Verified Carbon Standard and various voluntary carbon offset programs around the world. They are also committed to helping design and implement effective carbon compliance strategies for small and large emitters alike.

Battery Materials

Targray’s Battery Division supplies high performance materials, chemicals, packaging, manufacturing equipment and supply chain solutions for battery and energy storage technology developers throughout the world. The Division’s extensive materials portfolio is a trusted source for some of the industry’s most important manufacturing and research centers.

Solar & Energy Storage

The Solar Division is one of the largest international providers of specialty materials, financing, and supply chain solutions for the solar photovoltaics industry. The company markets an array of material components supported by finance and supply chain management solutions designed to help PV manufacturers lower the cost-per-watt their solar cells and modules can deliver to end-users.

Cotton Traders


Our sustainable cotton business connects cotton suppliers, traders and end-users in markets throughout Africa, the Americas, Europe and Asia.  Our work in the international cotton sector allow us to address global challenges surrounding sustainable supply chains and agriculture practices while also creating opportunities for profitable, responsible economic growth.