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Targray is committed to driving positive social and environmental change globally by making a sustainable impact at the local level.

Our strategic approach to community impact is aligned with United Nations Sustainable Development goals and enables us to address environmental, educational and health & wellness issues while empowering employees to make an impact in their local communities.

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Featured Projects

West Island Environmental Fund

In 2021, Tagray joined forces with West Island Community Shares and others to create the West Island Environmental Fund, a new funding program for green initiatives in Montreal’s West Island communities.

The West Island is home to two of Montreal’s largest nature parks. It features some of the island of Montreal’s last remaining portions of uncultivated land. The new fund aims to support initiatives developed and implemented locally. Funding is allocated on an on-going basis throughout the year.

West Island Environmental Fund
Targray Urban Beekeeping Project

Urban Beekeeping at Targray HQ

The global honeybee population is in dramatic decline due to climate change, widespread use of pesticides, habitat loss and new parasites. The phenomenon is alarming because bees play a major role in fruit, vegetable and nut production: about 30% of what we eat relies on their pollination.

Targray has partnered with urban beekeeping company Alveole to establish a honeybee colony at its World Headquarters in Kirkland. In addition to contributing to a greener city, this project takes action against the decline in honeybee populations, helping change people’s perspective of the urban environment and reconnecting our community with the wonders of nature. Totaling over 7,500 bees, our honeybee colony is among the first of its kind in Montreal’s West Island.

Targray Green Week Initiative

For over a decade, Targray employees have committed their time and talents to environmental causes through traditional and skills-based volunteerism. Our employee-led Environment Committee oversees a range of initiatives focused on reducing workplace waste and energy emissions, lowering the carbon footprint in local communities, and promoting awareness and education surrounding environmental issues.

Each year, the Targray Environment Committee organizes a company-wide Green Week in honor of UN World Environmental Day. Various programs are planned throughout the week for employees. Activities in recent years have included a tree planting campaign, a local park clean-up, and the creation of community gardens at Targray offices in Montreal, Quebec and Gurugram, India.

Targray India Team during Green Week
Targray Urban Beekeeping Project

West Island Community Shares Fundraising

Targray is a proud corporate partner of West Island Community Shares (WICS), a non-profit organization that raises funds on behalf of 41 community groups and projects operating in the western end of the island of Montreal. The umbrella organization’s unique fundraising model allows for 100% of donations to be redistributed among the groups it supports.

In 2020, WICS raised $1 400 000 through corporate partnerships, fundraising events and individual donations, helping meet the needs of over 65,000 members of the West Island community.

Featured Organizations

West Island Community Shares

Partage-Action: West Island Community Shares

West Island Community Shares is a unique charitable organization dedicated to building a strong, inclusive, peaceful and healthy community. They do this by raising crucial funds for 40 local community groups which focus on developing strong and resilient children, creating bridges to support vulnerable populations, empowering women to reach their full potential for themselves and their families, and providing basic necessities to West Islanders in need.

Literacy Unlimited

Literacy Unlimited

Literacy Unlimited is a community organization dedicated to changing lives through improved adult literacy. Forty-nine percent of Quebec adults lack sufficient literacy skills to function easily in everyday life. Literacy Unlimited recruits, trains, and supports volunteers from the community to deliver programs to help learners to reach their personal, educational and employment goals.

Literacy Unlimited has more than 30 years of serving the West Island community’s literacy needs. The quality of life of hundreds of adult learners and their families has been improved by the invaluable contributions of the organization and its volunteers.

Breakfast Club Of Canada

Breakfast Club Of Canada

Founded in 1994, Breakfast Club of Canada / Club des petits déjeuners (BCOC) feeds healthy breakfasts to children across Canada. One in four children is at risk of starting the school day on an empty stomach. Breakfast Club of Canada provides food, kitchen equipment, training, and volunteers to school clubs across the country. BCOC operates in 4 regions: Ontario, Quebec, Western Canada, and Atlantic Canada.

La Corde Youth Center

La Corde Youth Center

La Corde is education and compassion. It is supporting underprivileged youth between 6 and 12 years old to dream big while eating well. La Corde offers continuous educational and spiritual support, in addition to providing balanced breakfasts and lunches to all its students.

The organization takes care of the youth on four different social planes: physical, psychological, social, and spiritual. In order to respond to these social needs, La Corde focuses on five essential aspects of well-being: nutrition, social integration, homework assistance, resources (school supplies and computer access), and mentoring.

West Island Mission

West Island Mission

West Island Mission is a non-profit organization that provides well-balanced, high quality food assistance and other related aid to the less fortunate living in the West Island of Montreal. Since 2005, WIM collects food donations and other basic supplies from the community and corporations in order to make a difference in the lives of West Islanders in need regardless of their personal history and background. Since its inception, the demand for food assistance in the West Island has grown exponentially. In 2015, WIM provided more than 1900 food baskets to 260 different families from Pierrefonds, Roxboro, Ste-Geneviève, DDO, Pointe-Claire, Kirkland, Beaconsfield, and Île Bizard.

Our ESG Initiatives

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Targray projects require us to occasionally work in remote and delicate environments. Our approach to environmental stewardship is guided by an understanding of the potential impacts of our operations and a commitment to sustainable market development.

Targray Workplace


Our organization is unwavering in its commitment to protecting the health and safety of employees and the public, responsibly managing our social impacts, and promoting respect for human rights in our global operations.

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We develop policies and processes aimed at upholding high ethical standards and promoting transparency. Our efforts are supported by a talented advisory board that provides strategic oversight of our corporation’s affairs.