Community Engagement

Targray Group is committed to driving positive social change globally by making a difference at the local level. Our strategic approach to community impact is aligned with United Nations Sustainable Development goals and enables us to address local environmental, educational and health & wellness issues while empowering employees to make an impact in the communities they call home.

Featured Projects

Targray Urban Beekeeping Project

Urban Beekeeping at Targray World Headquarters

The global honeybee population is in dramatic decline due to climate change, widespread use of pesticides, habitat loss and new parasites. The phenomenon is alarming because bees play a major role in fruit, vegetable and nut production: about 30% of what we eat relies on their pollination.

Targray has partnered with urban beekeeping company Alveole to establish a honeybee colony at its World Headquarters in Kirkland. In addition to contributing to a greener city, this project takes action against the decline in honeybee populations, helping change people’s perspective of the urban environment and reconnecting our community with the wonders of nature. Totaling over 7,500 bees, our honeybee colony is among the first of its kind in Montreal’s West Island community.

Green Week Initiative

For over a decade, Targray employees have committed their time and talents to environmental causes through traditional and skills-based volunteerism.

Our employee-led Environment Committee oversees a range of initiatives focused on reducing workplace waste and energy emissions, lowering the carbon footprint in local communities, and promoting awareness and education surrounding environmental issues.

Each year, the Targray Environment Committee organizes a company-wide Green Week in honor of UN World Environmental Day. Various programs are planned throughout the week for employees. Activities in recent years have included a tree planting campaign, a local park clean-up, and the creation of community gardens at Targray offices in Kirkland and Gurgaon.

Targray India Team during Green Week
Targray Urban Beekeeping Project

West Island Community Shares Fundraising Partnership

Targray is a proud corporate partner of West Island Community Shares (WICS), a non-profit organization that raises funds on behalf of 41 community groups and projects operating in the western end of the island of Montreal. The umbrella organization’s unique fundraising model allows for 100% of donations to be redistributed among the groups it supports.

In 2018, WICS raised $1 300 000 through corporate partnerships, fundraising events and individual donations, helping meet the needs of over 65,000 members of the West Island community.