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The Trusted Source for Biodiesel Fuel

Targray is one of the largest U.S-based biodiesel suppliers and marketers of wholesale B99 solutions for retailers, diesel distributors, and fleet operators. Supported by a company-managed rail fleet and terminals in multiple states, the Biofuels Division is focused on creating market-driven solutions that intelligently address the growing demand for bio-based fuels in the United States. As a BQ-9000 certified Biodiesel Marketer, we offer a constant and reliable supply of B99, B100 and B20 supply solutions to gas stations, c-stores, truck stops, travel centers, jobbers, diesel distributors, traders, and fleets across North America.

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Biodiesel Exports

Our international reach allows us to source from Biodiesel producing regions worldwide, ensuring global procurement efficiencies for customers.

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Turnkey Biodiesel Solutions

Our unparalleled biodiesel sourcing network enables us to create innovative, value-driven clean fuel solutions for refiners and retailers alike.

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Biodiesel Value Chain

Our robust supply chain enables us to source biodiesel from the lowest-cost producers and efficiently move that fuel to retailers and truck stops.

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Biodiesel Marketing

We establish exclusive distribution agreements with BQ-9000 biodiesel producers, matching their products with our customers across the U.S.

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Domestic Biodiesel Network

Certified as a BQ-9000 Marketer, Targray is one of the largest and fastest-growing Biodiesel distributors in the United States.

targray biodiesel trading headquarters

Carbon Credit Trading

Our RIN and LCFS credit strategies help drive profitability and growth for diesel suppliers, jobbers, fuel retailers, and fleets nationwide.

About the Biofuels Division

Established in 2012, the Targray Biofuels Division is one of the largest and fastest-growing suppliers of biodiesel in the United States.

Benefiting from nearly 30 years of experience in supply chain management and distribution, the Biofuels Division is ideally positioned to support the rapid growth of the North American Biodiesel market. Our robust Biodiesel sales operation is supported by a vast national tank network and a dedicated fleet of over 150 company-operated rail cars.

An Innovative Biodiesel Value Chain

Targray has created a unique supply chain that enables us to source biodiesel products from the lowest-cost BQ-9000 producers and move those fuels in the most efficient way to our customers’ service areas. We manage the fuel supply chain for many of our customers, optimizing stock management, delivery, and haulage, to help clients maximize their ROI.

We continually invest in biodiesel terminal and rail infrastructure in order to access key markets and provide supply resilience for buyers.

How We Support the Growth of Biodiesel

The Biofuels Division’s products, services and solutions encompass the following:

  • A large number of Biodiesel companies under supply agreement in North America, including BQ-9000 producers.
  • A supply chain able to respond to your most urgent fuel requirements.
  • A dedicated rail car fleet linking our network of Biodiesel terminals.
  • Competitively priced biodiesel fuel meeting specific customer-driven specs.
A.I-driven Biodiesel Supply Solutions

We leverage artificial intelligence-powered technologies to optimize our biodiesel value chain and deliver the highest levels of supply reliability to fuel retailers and distributors nationwide. Our strategic biofuels tank network enables us to ensure the availability biodiesel in the nation’s fastest-growing clean fuel markets, notably California, Minnesota, and Illinois.

Our turnkey biodiesel solutions are tailored to meet the evolving needs of our customers, which range in size from small, family-owned truck stops, to leading national convenience store chains.

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Our global reach enables us to bring producers and customers together for their renewable fuels requirements – ensuring a consistent and reliable supply, always delivered on time. Our biodiesel sourcing network is supported by a company-operated rail fleet that supplies biodiesel from BQ-9000 producers across the United States and Canada. As a fully-registered member of the EPA, CARB, ISCC and NBB, we understand the complexities of the biofuels market and use that knowledge and our experience to serve you better.