Targray World Headquarters

Kirkland, Quebec (Greater Montreal)

Our Headquarters have come a long way from their humble roots in our founder Tom Richardson’s suburban home office. Today, our largest campus hosts nearly a hundred employees working on cutting-edge commodity solutions to help curb emissions for millions of consumers around the world. Onsite benefits like fitness and wellness centers embody our philosophy that taking care of our employees is good for all our stakeholders.

  • Architecturally-stunning corporate campus most recently expanded in 2024
  • Open-concept environment to foster collaboration between all functions
  • State-of-the-art outdoor workspace and dining area inaugurated in 2022
  • Sustainable building features including one of the largest solar rooftops in Greater Montreal
  • Gym facility, yoga studio, multiple game rooms and relaxation spaces for employees
  • Cafeteria serving healthy lunches daily through an employer-subsidized meal plan
  • Electric vehicle charging stations, free to use for all employees
  • 15-minute walk to Montreal’s REM light rail transit system (Kirkland Station)


18105 Transcanadienne,

Kirkland QC, H9J 3Z4, Canada