Montreal, Quebec – Targray, a leader in North American biodiesel supply and industry front-runner for biodiesel best practices, has achieved its International Sustainability and Carbon Certification (ISCC) accreditation under the SCS Global Services Responsible Biofuel Program.

In obtaining ISCC certification, Targray has again proven its dedication to meeting the highest biodiesel industry standards. ISCC certification provides proof of compliance with environmental, social and traceability criteria, and qualifies biomass or biofuel companies for legal recognition under the targets set by the European Renewable Energy Directive 2009/28/EC (EU RED).

“ISCC certification marks yet another step in a responsible, sustainable direction for Targray” said Andrew Richardson, President of Targray. “We’re conforming to standards that go above and beyond simply being transparent as a company and have taken strides to respect not only the needs of our clients, but our environments and partners as well.”

Targray’s newest certification exhibits the company’s focus on the reduction in its carbon footprint, as well as its adherence to minimum social, environmental and traceability criteria, avoidance in harvesting from highly bio-diverse or carbon-rich areas and its emphasis on international fair labor practices.

ISCC Certification Steps

In order to achieve ISCC certification, Targray completed a thorough assessment and audit process, wherein the company’s operations were extensively evaluated by an SCS Global Services auditor. SCS Global Services is the first certification body in the Americas recognized by the ISCC system to conduct biofuel certifications.

Targray now holds ISCC certificate number EU-ISCC-Cert-US201-70600159.

About Targray

Targray is a leading international supplier of biofuels and advanced materials for Lithium-ion Battery, Optical Media, and Solar PV manufacturing and research. The company leverages its 27 years of experience in supply chain management to bring global resources together and create value for its customers and partners in manufacturing, R&D, distribution and global trade.

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