Sustainability at Targray


Ethical behavior is a fundamental value that guides our actions and decisions

Ethics & compliance

Our Risk and Compliance Departments work to provide guidance and enhance processes to manage and mitigate risks and anticipate others that exist within the commodities sector. Our goal is to maintain high ethical standards and comply with all relevant rules and regulations wherever we operate.

Code of Business Conduct

Our Code of Business Conduct and Ethics is foundational to our business. Anchored by our belief in doing the right thing, the Code sets out the behavioral expectations that we have for our business and outlines the shared ethical standards and key compliance policies that apply to all our employees.

Cybersecurity & Data Privacy

We understand the operating risks and importance of securing personal information. We are investing to meet evolving data security expectations and regulations through employee trainings, engaging independent third parties for penetration testing and ensuring rigorous oversight. 

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Counterparty Due Diligence


Key to the assessment of Targray counterparties is our Know Your Counterparty (KYC) onboarding and monitoring policy and processes. In 2022, we carried out approximately 360 KYC onboarding checks, of which 21% of counterparties assessed were not approved, while 79% were approved and onboarded.

Governance Structure

To execute our sustainability strategy, we initiated a cross-functional Sustainability Committee comprised of leaders from several jurisdictions and developed our 2023 plan. Committee members were selected based on their diverse expertise and commitment to sustainable leadership.

Targray Marine Fuel

“Targray’s foundational belief in doing the right thing combined with our compliance program play a pivotal role in helping fulfill our mission – to provide sustainable commodity solutions for a world in transition.”

Janine Peter, CFO

Janine Peter