We are bringing together diverse people, ideas, and resources to fulfill our mission

Inclusive Leadership

The commodity trading industry has typically lacked gender diversity, and we’re committed to helping closing that gap. As we quickly grew and transformed our business over the last few years, we set an intention to build inclusive leadership. In 2023, we achieved gender parity at the executive level, filling several key leadership positions.

Health and Well-being

Employee wellness plays a vital role in sustaining our high-performance culture. It forms the foundation of our capacity to reach our organizational objectives, as well as our ability to both attract and retain top talent. Our Global Corporate Wellness strategy is built upon 4 key pillars: mental, physical, financial wellness, and employee experience.

Employee Engagement

We conduct annual surveys for all Targray team members to listen to their views on topics such as credibility, respect, fairness, pride, camaraderie, and overall management. For our 2022 Great Place to Work® survey, 87% percent of team members participated, and our trust index score was 83%, consistent with previous years.

Women Employees at Targray India

Gender Diversity and Equity


We are committed to the advancement of women in the industry at all levels and are proud to boast a workforce that is is 40% female overall. We believe fair and equitable pay is essential for ensuring all workers are respected and appreciated. In 2022, we achieved gender pay equity, on average, among all our management-level employees.

Diversity at Targray

Diversity at Targray in 2022

“We aspire for our teams to work cross-functionally to achieve internal synergies, leveraging the diverse skillsets and backgrounds of each team member.”

Anabelle Gauthier,
Chief People Officer

Anabelle Gauthier