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Supplying a Trusted Line of Li-ion Battery Materials & Chemicals

Targray supplies Lithium-ion battery materials to battery manufacturers worldwide, supporting li-ion battery development and innovation with anode & cathode materials, separators, packaging materials, electrodes, electrolyte and battery-grade lithium. We accompany battery manufacturers and researchers through every stage of the product development cycle, from early innovation to large-scale production.

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Delivering the Latest Solar Cell Materials to PV Manufacturers

Since 2005, Targray has played an integral role in the development of the solar photovoltaics industry. Our solar cell and PV materials, which include solar silicon wafers &  ingots, polysilicon, and aluminum & silver paste, have been used to develop an array of solar PV technologies over the course of the last decade.

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Supplying Innovative Solutions to The Biodiesel Marketplace

Together with partners, we bring sustainable Value to the American Biofuels Market.

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Our Company

Targray is a global renewable commodities company actively involved in the international Biofuels, Energy Storage, and Photovoltaics (PV) industries. Working with partners from around the world, we strive to create unique value and growth opportunities for our customers in manufacturing, distribution, trade and R&D.

Our Commitment

We are committed to fostering the growth of renewable energy industries and technologies through collaboration, innovation and value creation. Our mission is to leverage our extensive industry insights and bring global resources together to unlock the full potential of our customers and partners around the world.

Fueling the Growth of The Biofuels Industry

Certified as a BQ-9000 biodiesel marketer by the NBAC, Targray is one of the largest biodiesel suppliers in North America. We benefit from nearly 30 years of experience in global supply chain management, logistics and global procurement. Our biodiesel company supplies B99 biodiesel and turnkey RFS2 solutions to convenience stores, fuel retailers, fleet operators, petroleum companies and commodity traders throughout the US and Canada.
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Meeting the Material Needs of Solar Manufacturers

Targray helps solar manufacturers lower their costs and improve the efficiency and performance of their solar products. Our valuable solar photovoltaics industry experience enables us to deliver critical PV materials & deep insights for every step of the solar production process. Our solar cell materials include PV backsheets, raw polysilicon, silver & aluminum paste, solar junction boxes, crystalline cell materials, solar cells and silicon scraps.
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Supplying the Latest Lithium-ion Battery Materials

Our international footprint enables us to source the globe for best-in-class lithium-ion battery materials. In conjunction with our supply partners, we bring high-performance battery materials to our manufacturing customers at a competitive cost. Our portfolio of lithium-ion battery materials includes battery electrodes, anode materials, cathode materials, electrolyte solutions, separators, graphite, packaging materials, li-ion cells, and battery manufacturing equipment.
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