Battery Electrode Solutions for Lithium-ion Cell Manufacturing

Targray is a major global supplier of electrode materials for lithium-ion cell manufacturers. Our coated battery anode and cathode electrodes are designed in accordance with the EV battery and energy storage application requirements of our customers. They can be provided in sheets or commercial-sized rolls as required.

Certified under ISO 9001 and ISO/TS 16949 specifications, Targray coated electrode materials are engineered to deliver outstanding cycle life, superior energy density and high power capacity. To learn more, consult the information in the table below or communicate with one of our battery material specialists.

Key Electrode Features


  • Exceptional cycle and calendar life, energy density, power capability, temperature stability and safety.
  • Continuous coating (stripe coating) and intermittent coating (pattern coating) customization options.
  • Electrode designs for a broad range of target applications, including EV, PHEV, industrial, stationary and more.
  • A 500MWh/year capacity to meet the commercial quantity requirements of lithium-ion battery manufacturers.

Custom Electrode Solutions

We have the ability to tailor numerous variables, to deliver a customized product that adheres to standards based on:

  • Geometry
  • Area weight
  • Thickness
  • Choice of active materials and substrates
  • Continuous stripes or pattern geometry
  • Width up to 650 mm.
  • Roller bending and slitting to target geometry
  • High performance, active materials (selected types of graphite, amorphous carbon, NMC, etc.)

Working with supply partners and organizations including the Electrochemical Society and NAATBatt International, we help battery manufacturers and researchers commercialize ambitious new energy storage technologies.

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