Coated Electrode Material Solutions for Li-ion Battery Manufacturing

Targray supplies high-performance battery electrodes for lithium-ion cell manufacturers. Our coated cathode and anode electrode materials in accordance with our customers’ energy storage application requirements in both 5×10’’ sheets and commercial size rolls.

Product Characteristics

Our coated electrode materials exhibit an extraordinary set of performance properties, including outstanding cycle life (even at full depth of discharge), superior energy density and high power capability. Thanks to serial production—certified ISO 9001 and ISO/TS 16949 — Targray is able to consistently meet the demands of customers through standardization of quality.

Key Electrode Features

  • Material, recipe and processing allow for a unique combination of cycle and calendar life, energy density, power capability, temperature stability and more.
  • Continuous coating (stripe coating) and intermittent coating (pattern coating) options for customization across applications.
  • Electrode design optimized for a broad range of target applications, including EV, PHEV, industrial, stationary and more, served upon request.
  • A 500MWh/year capacity that meets the longstanding needs of lithium-ion applications.

Custom Electrode Solutions

We have the ability to tailor numerous variables, to deliver a customized product that adheres to standards based on:

  • Geometry
  • Area weight
  • Thickness
  • Choice of active materials and substrates
  • Continuous stripes or pattern geometry
  • Width up to 650 mm.
  • Roller bending and slitting to target geometry
  • High performance, active materials (selected types of graphite, amorphous carbon, NMC, etc.)

Working with supply partners and organizations including the Electrochemical Society and NAATBatt International, we help lithium-ion battery manufacturers and researchers worldwide commercialize ambitious new energy storage technologies.

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