Helping Lower NOx Emissions on California’s Road Network

CATANOX Biodiesel is a certified additized Biodiesel product engineered to deliver lower NOx emissions and excellent engine performance at a competitive price. Offered exclusively by Targray, CATANOX-additized Biodiesel is one of the only commercially-available Biodiesel blends to meet the cetane requirements of the latest Alternative Diesel Fuel (ADF) regulation set forth by the California Air Resources Board (CARB). The additized blend is offered as part of Targray’s turnkey biodiesel program tailored to meet the needs of the California fuel market.

About our Biodiesel Additive


CATANOX premium biodiesel additiveCATANOX premium Biodiesel additive was developed by Targray in 2017 to help meet the evolving requirements of California fuel regulators. In testing, CATANOX-additized B20 produces NOx emissions equivalent to standard diesel, and particulate matter emissions that are 20 percent lower. In February 2018, the product was approved by state regulators as an emissions-equivalent additive meeting the state’s latest NOx mitigation requirements.

ADF Regulations Surrounding Biodiesel NOx Emissions


California Air Resources Board (CARB)Effective since January 1, 2016, the ADF regulation establishes a comprehensive, multistage process administering the commercialization of alternative diesel fuels in California. The ADF regulation governs the introduction and use of innovative alternative diesel fuels in California while preserving or enhancing public health, environmental and emission benefits of the existing motor vehicle diesel-fuel regulations. The ADF regulation includes specific provisions designed to control potential increases in oxides of nitrogen (NOx) emissions that could otherwise be caused by the use of biodiesel under certain circumstances. Those provisions include a process for certification of additives or alternative diesel fuel formulations that have been shown to mitigate NOx increases from the use of biodiesel.

Targray Biodiesel Locations | California

CATANOX-additized Biodiesel fuel is currently available for purchase in multiple locations throughout the state of California. To learn more about pricing and availability, please contact the Biofuels Division.


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