Biofuel Feedstock

Review of Feedstocks Used to Produce Renewable Fuels

Feedstocks for Biodiesel and Renewable Diesel Producers

Biofuel feedstock refers to the source materials used to produce renewable fuels like biodiesel, renewable diesel and ethanol. First-generation biofuels, sometimes referred to as conventional biofuels, are produced from food crops such as palm, rapeseed, soy, beets and cereals (corn, wheat, etc). Second- and third-generation biofuels are produced from feedstocks that do not compete with food and feed crops. Advanced biofuel feedstock examples includes agricultural residues, non-food crops and algae.

As one of the largest providers of biofuels solutions in the United States, Canada and Europe, the Targray Biofuels Division is able to supply wholesale quantities of feedstock for a broad range of bio-based fuel products.

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Supported by one of the industry’s largest managed rail fleets, our United States biodiesel supply network is continuously expanding to meet jobber and retailer demand along all major transportation corridors.

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