Animal Tallow as a Renewable Feedstock

Animal tallow – a rendered form of fat which includes beef tallow, pork lard, and chicken fat – is an increasingly attractive feedstock option for renewable fuel manufacturers in North America and Europe due to its availability, comparatively low cost, and high cetane number. As an ISCC-certified international supplier of bio-based fuels and feedstock, Targray is well-positioned to help meet the renewable fuel market’s growing need for sustainable feedstock supply solutions.

  • International sourcing network of ISCC-certified animal tallow feedstock suppliers
  • Animal tallow procurement programs with flexible and long-term pricing options
  • Expertise surrounding compliance and supply chain sustainability
  • Real-time pricing and product availability information for buyers
  • Turnkey logistics services managed entirely in-house
  • Biofuel feedstock trading desks in North America and Europe

Feedstock Industry Partner Associations

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International Sustainability and Carbon Certification (ISCC) is a certification system for sustainability, traceability and GHG emission savings. Its goal is to facilitate and improve the various aspects of sustainability in biomass value chains. Targray first obtained its ISCC certification in 2014, and has been a corporate member of ISCC System since 2019.

American Fats and Oils Association logo

The American Fats and Oils Association (AFOA) is a non-profit organization focused on fostering trade and commerce within the United States and throughout the world for animal, fish, and vegetable fats, oils, and protein. The AFOA works to promote uniformity and certainty in the standards of such products and in the customs and usages of the trade.


The TITRE determines the solidification point of fatty acids and is expressed in degrees centigrade (˚C). For practical purposes the TITRE can be considered as a measure of the hardness or softness of the material in question.


Means Free Fatty Acid. It is customarily reported in percentage of Oleic Acid.


Stands for Fat Analysis Committee. This method determines the Color of Fats and Oils by comparison with AOCS FAC color standards.

R & B Color:

Is the color after Refining and Bleaching and is expressed in terms of Red on a 5 1/4 inch cell or tube of AOCS methods.


Peroxide Value is expressed in Milli Equivalents per Kilo and is a measure of Fat Oxidation.


These common tests often grouped together and referred to as MIU content are:

(M)— Moisture and Volatile Matter

(I)— Insoluble Impurities

(U)— Unsaponifiable Matter

All three are reported as percentages and serve to measure the amount of non-fatty matter present.


Stands for Iodine Value. The iodine value is a measure of the unsaturation of fats and oils and is expressed in terms of the number of centigrams of iodine absorbed per gram of sample.

(Information provided by the American Fats and Oils Association)

GRADES                                                          SPECIFICATIONS

   min. max. max. max.
1) Edible Tallow   41.0 0.75     3 none     *
2) Lard (Edible)   38.0 0.50   ** none     *
3) Top White Tallow   41.0 2     5   0.5     1
4) All Beef Packer Tallow   42.0 2 none   0.5     1
5) Extra Fancy Tallow   41.0 3     5 none     1
6) Fancy Tallow   40.5 4     7 none     1
7) Bleachable Fancy Tallow   40.5 4 none   1.5     1
8) Prime Tallow   40.5 6 13-11B none     1
9) Special Tallow   40.0 10     21 none     1
10) No.2 Tallow   40.0 35 none none     2
11) “A” Tallow   39.0 15     39 none     2
12) Choice White Grease   36.0 4 13-11B none     1
13) Yellow Grease     *** ****     39 none     2
14) “Technical Tallow (inedible)”as grade 1A   41.0 0.75     3 none     *
15) Used Cooking Oil   **** 15     39 none     2

* Moisture maximum 0.20%. Insoluble Impurities maximum 0.05%

** Lovibond Color 5 1/4 inch cell – Max. 1.5 Red. Lard Peroxide Value 4.0 ME/K Max.

*** Titre minimum, when required, to be negotiated between buyer and seller on a contract-by-contract basis.

**** FFA Maximum, when required, to be negotiated between buyer and seller on a contract-by-contract basis.

# – Impurities shall not exceed 0.15% except as otherwise negotiated by buyer and seller on a contract-by-contract basis


(Information provided by the American Fats and Oils Association; See previous tab for definitions )

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